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Google Pixel Buds, analysis with specifications price and opinion

Google Pixel Buds, analysis with specifications price and opinion

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The new Google Pixel Buds are presented in Europe, and here you have the in-depth analysis you expect of the most anticipated wireless headphones on the market, with all the functionality ‘made by Google’

Almost a year ago we met the new Google Pixel Buds, and that is that the second generation of google wireless headphones, the first in addition true wireless, has to be begged too much in a market that has already admitted Bluetooth headsets as the star accessories of any smartphone.

The wait is over, thankfully, because today Pixel Buds become official in Europe opening their presale, and also we have already been able to throw the gauntlet to tell you first hand all their secrets, benefits and problems included, in case you are interested in the headphones true wireless with better integration in Android and features as interesting as simultaneous translation.

The Pixel Buds, Google's TWS headphones

The new Pixel Buds finally hatch, and here are all their secrets!

In any case, it will be very complicated for Google, because in a sector that is definitely on the rise like this, the truth is that competition is really fierce, with very interesting options such as the Apple AirPods Pro or the Sony WF-1000XM3 that even have active noise cancellation, and with Samsung already counting several iterations of its successful Galaxy Buds, which leverage AKG technology and the full power of its Galaxy Wearable platform to offer expanded functionality.

Google did not want to be the same, with an option that explores other paths with the most important focus on maximum comfort, further enhancing the criticized first generation sound and anchoring an Assistant now yes ubiquitous, which will live in headphones to make your life much easier.

Already starting, the new Google Pixel Buds undoubtedly become the best option on the market in terms of software and integration on Android, adding superlative comfort and a clear sound that unfortunately only complies, but let’s see them more in depth !

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Index of contents:

Google Pixel Buds, features and specifications

Google Pixel Buds
Features and technical specifications
Dimensions of each earphone 20.5 x 19.5 x 18.2 (mm) | 5.3 (g)
Charging case dimensions 63 x 47 x 25 (mm) / 56.1 (g)
Headphone autonomy Up to 5 hours in continuous playback and 2.5 hours in call
Charging case autonomy Up to 24 hours in continuous playback and 12 hours in call
Box Loading USB Type C, Qi wireless charging
Connectivity Bluetooth v5.0 LE
Audio 12mm drivers, passive noise reduction, duct for space ventilation and ambient sound, ‘dual beamforming’ microphones and voice detection accelerometer
Sensors Touch control, IR sensor for ear position detection, accelerometer and gyroscope for motion detection
Waterproof IPX4 (sweat and splash resistance)
Compatibility Any Bluetooth 4.0 or higher device To use all the functions a Google account and Android 6.0 or higher are required
The Pixel Buds, Google's TWS headphones

The quality of finishes is perceived at first glance, with a surprisingly comfortable box

The best of Google Pixel Buds

Super comfortable design with adaptive sound

The first thing to note about these second-generation Pixel Buds is without a doubt Mountain View Giant’s Great Job at Correcting a Wrong Course with Its Wireless Headphones, now competing with the rest of the options in a market that was waiting for Google with open arms.

The sound has been improved, and the design I do not tell you, because now the Pixel Buds are true wireless how do the canons and the sound has been greatly improved, also giving prominence to the Assistant although with certain deficiencies that Google must review if it wants to catch up with the best, especially considering that already top-end companies such as Bose, Harman-Kardon or Bang & Olufsen are here to stay.

Be that as it may, the best of these Google Pixel Buds is undoubtedly their design, because the headphones are extremely comfortable and light, adapting to the thousand wonders of the ear canal and also allowing us walk, run or play other sports without fear of them falling. This is possible thanks to a rubber arch support that comes as clever solution And it’s in the retail package in various sizes to fit everyone.

The Pixel Buds, Google's TWS headphones

Google’s design solutions in an image that is worth a thousand words

Before continuing with praises there is a small negative detail, and that is that despite its good design and extreme comfort the truth is that these Pixel Buds isolate something worse than my Galaxy Buds, so in a way the sensation is weakened if you are not able to achieve that necessary absence of noise in some environments.

Even with this I never cease to be amazed by the enormous quality of finishes of the Google Pixel Buds, but above all for its cargo and transport box, which has a curious shape of a crushed egg but which is undoubtedly the most comfortable headphone box true wireless that I have been able to prove, with an almost perfect size and weight so you can carry it in your pocket almost without knowing it.

It must also be taken into account that This box has Qi wireless charging in addition to the USB Type-C connector, so you can charge your headphones with any mobile that has wireless power share like the latest Samsung or Huawei.

These all seem banal details, trifles, but to me it is nothing trivial in an accessory that you intend to always wear, and for example the size comparison with the Galaxy Buds + will reaffirm this opinion:

The Pixel Buds, Google's TWS headphones

Bigger, but flatter, thinner and lighter, making it much more comfortable in your pocket

The other part of the equation when we talk about extreme comfort is no longer so much in construction and finishes but rather in technology and possibilities, because Google Pixel Buds automatically recognize when we open the box near a smartphone with Bluetooth connected, offering fast pairing even without installing the Pixel Buds app, and they also detect when they’re in the ear to pause playback at any time if we take them off, so we don’t miss out on anything we’re hearing.

They are also capable of detect movement thanks to an accelerometer and a gyroscope, and if all this seems too little, monitor the environment and automatically adjust the sound so you always listen with the best quality, be it your multimedia tracks or your interlocutor in a call.

The sound has also improved a lot compared to the first generation, not only for this adaptability function but also for its drivers 12 millimeters, which offer more clarity and sharpness in audio reproduction although shining more in high and medium frequencies.

In fact is that his bass level is well below average, redundancy worth, penalizing the general experience in multimedia reproduction and making me Doubting if Google can afford this in a market full of options, as much as the integration of the Pixel Buds and their advanced functionalities are many.

The Pixel Buds, Google's TWS headphones

Pixel Buds touch sensor is properly sized and smooth and precise to the touch

Returning in any case to give a lime, In-ear touch controller is incredibly accurate and it works with predefined gestures that offer you from changing tracks and answering calls, to volume control and activate Google Assistant simply by holding your finger on the headset, to talk to you and ask you for anything we need.

A curious functionality of the touch panel is for example touching the handset two seconds and releasing later, which will invoke the Assistant automatically indicating to read all notifications to us. In this regard, the way to talk to Google’s AI is to touch the headset and talk while holding down.

Also, rounding off the design we have a IPX4 certification that makes it resistant to splashes and sweat so you can play sports with the Pixel Buds without fear of spoiling them by humidity.

The most important focus on headphones should always be to offer the best possible sound, and although the Pixel Buds have taken an undeniable qualitative leap, I must admit that the audio experience is not completely satisfied by the bass level.

The Pixel Buds, Google's TWS headphones

Having a comfortable transport box and wireless charging is for me an essential

Lots of functionality to stand out

Where the Pixel Buds hide all their power is around the Google ecosystem, and that is without a doubt it’s about headphones true wireless that best integrate with Android thanks to the enormous amount of advanced functionalities that have been designed for them, and that only Samsung dares to replicate with its Galaxy Wearable platform.

Not surprisingly, having a smartphone with Android 6.0 or higher and installing the Pixel Buds app will open up a world of options that start with an entry in the notification curtain when you plug in your headphones where your current status with each unit’s battery and case of differentiated and well identified cargo.

The app itself also guides you through the rest of the options, with the configuration of Adaptive Sound, the practical guide to use the touch controller, the automatic detection of the headphones, a positioning function that will make them sound at maximum volume so you can find them and all Google Assistant options and spoken notifications that monopolize the use of these headphones.

The Pixel Buds, Google's TWS headphones

The Google Pixel Buds app opens the door to all the advanced functionality of headphones

It is a joy be running and the headset itself reads you a message that has just arrived, and not all the options on the market come to offer you just this reading. In any case, with the Pixel Buds you can ask the Assistant to respond, dictate the message and send it without having to touch the smartphone, and that is already a maximum pleasure when you are training.

Not only that, and it is that at home you can control any device connected to Google Home, or ask the Assistant for specific information, to write down anything on a list and ultimately practically all the functionality of an AI like Google, just touching the earpiece.

The headphones themselves are capable thanks to the algorithms of the Adaptive Sound to detect if you’re talking to focus on your voice and improve sound, both in calls and when talking to Assistant, and they also have detection of the command ‘Ok Google’ so you don’t even have to touch them.

The Pixel Buds, Google's TWS headphones

The integration is such that with a notification you can always keep track of the status of your Pixel Buds

The star function however is the simultaneous translation, available in these Google Pixel Buds in thirty languages no longer need to use a Pixel smartphoneas long as you use an Assistant-enabled device and the latest versions of both the Assistant app and Google Translate, plus an Internet connection.

To activate this translation it will be enough tell the assistant that you want me to interpret the English languageFor example, although the truth is that as you will see later it is not too polished in Spanish and in my case I could not prove it as I would have liked to tell you about a real fire experience.

It is not a worrying thing because as it has been doing in recent times, Assistant will improve and will soon allow continuous conversation also in Spanish, but for now the best thing is that you know that yes, it works, but not everything polished and well that could be expected. You will be yes ahead of your time, a early bird.

The Pixel Buds, Google's TWS headphones

Having all the power of the Assistant is brutal in headphones, but being an ‘early bird’ has its limitations

The least good thing about Google Pixel Buds

For headphones, the first thing is the sound and the Pixel Buds do not stand out here

The negative part has already been almost broken down in the rest of the analysis, but two important points should be highlighted, one is the sound and the other is the green of some functions of Assistant in our language, something not attributable to the Pixel Buds directly but which effectively suffer if the user expects everything to roll from the first day.

In this case the sound is very clear and crisp, the right volume and the function of Adaptive Sound works certainly fine though the perceived quality of multimedia playback pales in bass, which are not at the level of the competition, and due to the lack of an equalizer that should surely be integrated into the Pixel Buds app.

You can not neglect the audio in headphones, and Google already came from very bad reviews with the first generation of its wireless headphones. In this case, it is clear that the improvement is clear and the sound is good, but it does not boast or stand out and that penalizes among a sea of ​​high-level options.

The Pixel Buds, Google's TWS headphones

The Pixel Buds in the foreground, next to the Samsung Galaxy Buds +

Some features are green in our language, but will improve when Assistant improves

The other negative part is inherent in the Google ecosystem, and it is that all of us who have spent years working around the products of the Mountain View giant are already very clear that its engineers love to innovate, but that later it costs them a little more to reach excellence.

Google is actually synonymous with R&D, with new technologies, laboratories and products that are ahead of their time, which most of the time do not finish starting or do not materialize completely due to the lack of optimization in your software.

In this case it is not so much a problem of the Pixel Buds as of the Assistant, which not yet able to maintain conversational mode in Spanish and it has some of the less polished or limited features, so no one will be surprised if I tell you that the simultaneous translation function is not completely polished as much as it seems to us coming from the future.

The Pixel Buds, Google's TWS headphones

Youth issues are logical when you innovate, and Google is always at the forefront of innovation

In fact, when trying to activate it many times I have received the Assistant’s answer indicating that I should install the latest version of Google Translate, which was already installed, and at other times you get a little concrete “I still can’t help you”Or similar phrases.

Another curious section is the heterogeneous discharge in the battery of both headphones, a behavior that according to Google is expected because the algorithm that monitors the headphones decides what things each unit orders downloading them asynchronously, being able to have the right earphone with 75% autonomy remaining and the left earphone with 67%.

Regarding autonomy, by the way, in the market average, with up to 5 hours of continuous playback on headphones and several full loads of these in its transport box, which carries them up to 24 hours of autonomy. This is reduced, yes, in conversation mode, by the use of audio processing algorithms.

The Pixel Buds, Google's TWS headphones

The matte finish is one of the great news, anti-fingerprint and with a very good touch

Google Pixel Buds: Andro4all’s thoughts and final thoughts

I have no doubt that wireless headphones are here to stay, for the comfort of use and because the distance in quality of audio with the wired ones is not so far. In any case, Google still needs to improve a little more and surely you have one iteration left to reach that level that we all expect.

This second generation of its Pixel Buds is approaching the competition, it is already true wireless how the market rules and sound has made an important qualitative leap, but maintaining certain details such as less powerful basses that must be corrected, as well as the lack of an equalizer that allows us to adapt them to our liking.

The functionalities that yes are advanced, with all the Google technology at your disposal and an Assistant that promises to help you while listening to music or answering calls without further worries, even being able to translate conversations in real time absolutely ahead of its time.

Also, They are very comfortable headphones, with an even more comfortable cargo and transport box, than even can be charged wirelessly and is nearly perfect in size and weight given the circumstances and looking at direct competition.

What if I would buy them? Hell, yes … Because they are very comfortable, they work very well and they integrate better than anyone on Android, also promising all the news of a Google that always innovates.

The Pixel Buds, Google's TWS headphones

In Android integration, there is nothing better, and with all the technology of Google and the promises of the future!

Price and where to buy the Google Pixel Buds

If you liked the second generation Pixel Buds, you should know that the headphones true wireless from google were already available in the United States at a price of $ 179 in its white color Clearly White, the only one available in Google Store for now. Yes, they will be sold, at some point, in four colors: Clearly White, Remove mint, Oh So Orange and Almost Black.

In fact, in case you don’t want to wait any longer, in stores like eBay they have been available for a long time Importing them directly from North America, at prices slightly higher than the official ones:

The best news in any case is that Today the arrival of the Pixel Buds to the European markets is official, with all the Google technology and the best integration in Android at a price not yet defined, but with the Presale already open in Google Store for your model, obviously also in color Clearly White with black details:

Google Pixel Buds, Andro4all opinion and note
Should I buy the Google Pixel Buds?
In favor
  • Comfort, convenience and comfort
  • Improved adaptive sound
  • The best integration on Android
  • Wireless charging in the box
  • Good sound, yes, but without boast
  • Basses clearly inferior to the competition
  • Somewhat green star functions (this will improve for sure)
Conclusions Already starting, the new Google Pixel Buds undoubtedly become the best option on the market in terms of software and integration on Android, adding superlative comfort and a clear sound that unfortunately only complies, without fanfare.

8.5Google Pixel Buds

The best Android integration of ‘true wireless’ headphones

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