Google pulls out the red pencil: Pixel cell phone suddenly stopped

Image source: GIGA – Google Pixel 3a

After just over a year, Google officially stopped selling the Pixel 3a (XL). This is now seen as a sign that the successor is not long in coming. There is still confusion around pixel 4a, as it turns out.

Google Pixel 3a

Pixel 3a (XL): Google stops selling

They came on the market in May 2019, now it’s a thing of the past. The Pixel 3a and the larger Pixel 3a XL are no longer produced, as Android Police reports. Google itself no longer offers the cell phones in its official US store. The smartphones can hardly be found on Amazon either – if they do, then they are only leftovers. No more units will be added. But the last copies are again significantly reduced in price.

After discontinuing the cheap Google phones, the question of the successor is getting louder. So far, it is clear that there will be no XL variant for the Pixel 4a. On the other hand, it remains unclear whether the smartphone will really be called Pixel 4a or whether it will come onto the market as a slimmed-down Pixel 5. Google doesn’t have much time left if there are no changes to the existing release rhythm. The Google Pixel 5 is expected in October. Time is running out for a pixel 4a.

Perhaps the manufacturer will present the Pixel 4a to the public in a very short time, while a release could still be delayed. A Google event is planned for July 8, 2020, but the main focus here will be on new smart home products. It is unlikely that Google will let the Pixel 4a with Android 10 steal the show here. According to rumors, the smartphone will be presented on July 13, after a show has been repeatedly postponed.

The Google Pixel 4 in the hands-on video:

Pixel 4a: does it come for 399 euros?

Not only is the date unclear, but also the possible price of the Pixel 4a. First of all, there were reports that the cell phone, like its predecessor, was available for 399 euros. The smartphone later appeared briefly at two French online retailers, where the Pixel 4a was offered at a significantly higher price.

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