Google shows the Pixel 4a for the first time in an official photo

This is the Pixel 4a in black.

It has been leaked so many times that we practically know everything about it … except its filing date. Pixel 4a is coming, and when we don’t even know when it will arrive, Google has published – by accident, according to 9to5Google – the first official image of the new device, letting us see your design once again. At the time of publishing this article, the image is still visible on the Canadian Google Store page, although it will probably be removed sooner or later.

The image in question allows us to take a look at the model in black color, which boasts what appears to be a body made of plastic with a button accented in “mint”, a characteristic feature of Pixel series models since Pixel 2. In addition, you can see the hole on screen that houses the front camera of the device, located in the upper left corner of the panel.

Other details confirmed in the image are the inclusion of a rear fingerprint reader and a square module on the back, which houses the rear camera. Unlike the Pixel 4, this model would have a single sensor on the back.

Pixel 4a black

This is the Google Pixel 4a in black color

The Pixel 4a can be seen in black

It is not the first time that the Pixel 4a is seen in images of this type. Back in March, a leak showed the physical appearance of the device through what appeared to be promotional posters that Google will use after the presentation of the device, in which the features of its design and some information related to its technical section. We also learned that the device would come at a price of less than $ 400, and that would equip the Snapdragon 730 processor.

Today, one of the few details we still have to know about the Pixel 4a is its official release date. At the time of publishing this article, the company has not yet confirmed when will you present your new mid-range mobile, whose arrival would have been scheduled for the middle of the year – curiously, the image reflects the date of May 12, the day on which the initial keynote of Google I / O 2020 would have started – but given the situation in which it was seen immersed the world, the company was forced to delay up to two times the presentation of the terminal. And although there were even rumors about a possible cancellation of the device by Google, it is very likely that its presentation will be held, at last, in a very short time.

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