Google wants more control: Samsung smartphones facing major change

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Google pulls the reins: According to media reports, the US company wants more control over Samsung smartphones. Both companies should already have talks on this. GIGA explains what is behind the negotiations and what could change for mobile phone users in the future.

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Anyone who has been dealing with Android smartphones from Samsung for a long time will have noticed the split personality of the cell phones: Whether Play Store, Gmail or Google Assistant – Samsung offers its own alternatives to almost every pre-installed Google service. Google has been a thorn in the side for years and now the search engine provider seems to want to actively take action against it.

Google services are to be placed more prominently on Samsung smartphones

According to Bloomberg, Google and Samsung are in talks about Google’s own services being placed more prominently within Samsung smartphones. Already today, Google obliges Android manufacturers to create a number of Google apps in one folder. However, the new regulation could go beyond this and lead to the fact that Samsung shuts down or even completely deletes its own services such as the voice assistant Bixby in favor of Google services.

Both Google and Samsung have only given evasive responses to Bloomberg’s request. So a deal still doesn’t seem to be in the dry.

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Samsung could get paid for by Google

If both companies agree, Samsung smartphones should look different in the future. Instead of imposing their own services on the users, the South Koreans could withdraw and point to Google services instead. Samsung would hardly make room for free: Google pays Apple several billion US dollars every year to be the standard search engine on iPhones. A similar agreement could also be reached between Samsung and Google.

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