Google wants to limit the beauty mode of mobile cameras

One of the reasons that cameras have been dramatically replaced by mobile phones is because we always carry them with us. And this makes it very easy to take a picture when we go out to party with a friend or we are in a situation where, in principle, we did not think we were going to take a picture of ourselves.

From all the photographs we take it is clear that most are to take ourselves or friends or family. That is why it has become increasingly common to implement a beauty mode on mobile cameras.

This feature began to be seen a few years ago especially in Chinese manufacturers since the user profile they had in Asia demanded this function much more. Little by little it has become normal even in America and Europe.

But we have reached such a point that we see occasions when we can’t disable this function 100% on depending on which phones.

Google wants to limit the use of beauty mode

Google has decided to take action on the matter and is studying the implementation of a new code in Android 11 that would limit the use of beauty mode. Let’s make it clear, although this will finally be carried out, something that has not yet been decided, That does not mean that brands cannot implement this mode..

What Google is proposing is that manufacturers cannot use the wrinkle reduction and facial profile modification algorithms automatically in the camera API. Yes it would allow you to use these algorithms in your own camera app, after the system takes the picture.

OVER 9000 Beauty Mode

With this what would be achieved is to be able to have a more real image and true to reality if we use other camera applications. There are currently models that partially digitally make up faces even if their native camera application is not used.

At the moment this decision has not been confirmed by Google and may not be implemented in the final version of Android 11 that we will see in a few months.

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