Google wants you to learn this language to make apps and has created a free course

Programming is one of the most important areas of knowledge in recent decades. Although it is usually an area that we often associate only with programmers, the truth is that it is a task that can improve any job.

Above all, programming is an activity that teaches us to think logically, so even if you do not plan to dedicate yourself to programming, it never hurts to learn, either to satisfy your curiosity about how apps work or even to create a application that helps you make your life easier.

When programming an application, it is essential to know a programming language, a syntax through which you will indicate to the systems the guidelines that your application must take. There are hundreds of programming languages, and each one has its own peculiarities.

Google figures: 2 billion Android users and moreGoogle I / O.

2020 has been a very strange year, and is that the world situation has forced certain technology events to have to reinvent themselves or directly disappear. Google I / O, the largest Google event for developers, has been one of the most affected.

Although most of us already attended the event virtually, the mere fact that it was held in person required that all conferences take place in the same week. By eliminating that obligation, Google has decided to relax the order of the publications in the 11 weeks of Android.

In the last days they talked about programming languages, indicating the recommended ones for making Android applications, as well as indicating the best one to start with.

This is the programming language that Google recommends for making Android applications

To program applications for Android, the Java programming language was initially used, but as third-party development environments were born, the system allowed more alternatives to be used.

However, many of these options are hybrid or web development, more versatile but unable to get the most out of it or native features. In case you want to get the most out of Android you will have to choose Java, C ++ or Kotlin.

This last language is in which Google is putting more efforts, and is that the last to arrive while still offering great performance offers easier to create and understand the code, something that according to Google itself, the adoption of Kotlin in the Google Home team has had 33% fewer null pointer exceptions in the code (a very typical type of error), as well as in other applications such as Cash, Zomato or Duolingo.