Google warns about the risk of installation

Last march Google expelled AnTuTu from the Play Store, as we already told you. For Android users in Spain this application is known for its benchmarks, it is considered a danger by Google. Due to its expulsion from the official store, the creators of the application have continued to update the app by releasing its APK for users.

Many users have used AnTuTu through this APK in the past few months, although now they are facing problems. As Google blocks the installation of said application on the phone. Play Protect who now informs us about the dangers of installing it on our phone.

Google warns of the dangers of AnTuTu

Google expelled AnTuTu for the risk it posed for privacy, since this application could have access to an enormous amount of data on the phone (installed apps, contact list, browser cookies, etc.). So it was kicked out of the store and now, through Play Protect, the APK installation on Android is blocked.

When trying to install the APK of the same, a warning jumps in which the user is alerted on the privacy risk involved said application. It is reported that the application will track user activity, so it is recommended not to install this APK on the phone, although if the user wishes, it is still possible to proceed with said installation. But it should not be ruled out that they will soon go one step further and avoid its installation.

For now it is something that happens in the latest versions of the application. Play Protect shows this warning when trying to install this AnTuTu APK, although it is still possible to install it on your Android phone. The question is whether Google will soon go a step further and will completely block such installation. Between the warning about the privacy risk posed by this app and the fact that the firm makes it more difficult to install an APK on Android, it would not be unusual.

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