Google will create a version of Android in India with the operator Jio

We have been talking about China as the great sleeping giant for many years but in recent times we have seen how it has awakened, and that has scared other powers. More and more attention is being drawn to booming markets from China to other countries such as India, with the potential to become another global giant.

In fact, tensions between the governments of Xi Jinping and Narendra Modi have reached levels never seen before. In India they have started to look down on Chinese companies and that affects brands like Xiaomi or Huawei.

The point is that Indian brands do not have the power of their Chinese competitors and it seems that they want to change that.

Google invests in Jio

Today Google has announced a heavy investment in Reliance Jio, one of the country’s largest telecommunications operators. The investment is actually in Jio Platforms Ltd, the subsidiary of the company created to develop technological products. The American company will invest $ 4.5 billion (about Rs 33.737 million) to take 7.73% of the company’s shares.

As part of that agreement, Google will help Jio create its own Android-based operating system to be able to launch their own low-end smartphones, perfect for most of the Indian population.

In fact, most of the population of this country still does not have access to the Internet or a smartphone. Here Android GO, a variant of the Google system designed specifically for this purpose, can take on special relevance.

They will also create a 5G-based solution that is cheaper than today and that can rapidly expand in that market. The operator is very interested in the development of this technology for both mobile phones and other types of products and Google is a very good partner for it.

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