Google will launch an application to make backups on iOS

Backup Google on iPhone

Apple offers us 5 GB in iCloud for free, 5 GB more than enough to save the data of our contact list, our calendar, tasks, trimmers… little more. If we want to always have a backup of all our photos, we have to go through the box.

Google has just announced that it will launch a new application for make backups of our iPhone, an application that will allow you to back up your photos, videos, contacts and calendar events in the Google cloud using the 15 GB that it offers to all users who have a Gmail account.

This new application some data is left by the way that if we can store in iCloud, however, it is an option to consider for all those users who are not willing to pay for iCloud, as long as the application performs the same compression function as Google Photos when uploading videos and photos to the cloud .

If not, and this application works independently, with only 15 GB, we are going to encounter the same problem of Apple’s free 5 GB.

Currently, thanks to Google Photos, we canStore for free (if we do not keep the original image) all the images and videos that we make with our iPhone without having to hire additional space in iCloud. For the rest of the important data that is not synchronized with the Google cloud, we can continue to use iCloud.

In this way, if we lose our smartphone, it is damaged or stolen, we will be able to rquickly retrieve the most important data from our terminal without having to resort to payment plans for storage in iCloud or other platforms, be it Google, Microsoft, Amazon …

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