Google will make WhatsApp and Telegram smarter thanks to Gboard

The beta version of Gboard is testing the Smart Compose feature on Google Messages, Telegram and WhatsApp.

Currently there are various messaging applications in the Google Play Store, but there are two that take everyone’s eyes: WhatsApp and Telegram. Apps that will be even smarter, and it has an explanation: it is thanks to Google. This time, users of the beta version of Gboard, one of the best keyboards that can be installed on Android, they have discovered that the Mountain View company is working on the function Smart Compose in the messages of Google, Telegram and WhatsApp.

A few days ago it began to be implemented through the Google Play Store a new beta version of Gboard, and recently some users who use this beta version of the well-known keyboard for Android have discovered the Smart Compose function (Smart Composition) in Google Messages, as reported by 9to5Google. Later it was also discovered that this function also appeared in other series of messaging applications, specifically on WhatsApp and Telegram, two of the apps with the most users worldwide and that are great rivals with each other.

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Smart Compose is a feature that tries to help the user to complete the sentences by showing the following words that could fit while the user types, thus allowing the person to accept the completion of each sentence by simply clicking on the tab on the desktop or swiping right on Android. A feature that debuted along with the Gmail redesign in 2018 and that now it seems that it is coming to Gboard, and specifically to applications like WhatsApp or Telegram.

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The Gboard beta is testing the Smart Compose feature.

This is how Gboard’s smart suggestions appear in Google Messages, Telegram and WhatsApp.

From the same medium, they point out that some users of the Gboard beta, who are currently in the version, they have found that the Google Messages app now offers helpful sentence completion tips. Even soon after, they also realized that this feature also appears on Telegram and WhatsApp. Its operation is simple, and as with Gmail, the user can swipe right on text to accept suggestions and continue typing on the keyboard.

Thus, Smart Compose still gives the user the last word, because if you like the suggestion you can accept it. In case of not sliding to the right in the text, this word is not accepted, so the user must continue typing to complete his sentence. At the moment only a limited number of users have this feature active, and they are only those who have access to the beta version of the popular google keyboard.

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