Google works in a secret command to control your house

The Mountain View company is working on a mysterious remote control that will allow the house to be controlled, from turning on the lights to playing music, for example.

Google is a company that has a large number of products, and some of them manage to turn a house into a smart place, such as Nest speakers or the Original Google Home. However, the Mountian View company is preparing a device, specifically a secret command, to control a house. The ATAP team (the group of Technology and Advanced Projects) of the big G has a product in hand that will give the user more control over their home and that would have the form of a command.

As reported by Fast Company, the Google ATAP team, responsible among others for Motion Sense (Project Soli), is working on a new smart home project with the help of Dan Kaufman, the head of ATAP, and Dan marks, who joined ATAP after working at Sony PlayStation for years. A secret command that, according to Marks, helps achieve a smart home by bringing the traditional ideas of “spatial entry and easy selection” of control to an environmental setting.

Google technology shoe

An Adidas shoe for soccer players powered by Google.

In this way, instead of relying on voice for commands, this secret device will serve to point to objects to make things happen, as if it is a television remote control but for other objects in general. In this way, the user could take this secret command and point it at a lamp to turn it on. Even with the same product, you can play a YouTube video or song from a computer, and drag the sound to a smart speaker to keep it playing. All this using this mysterious and secret command.

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Google works in a secret command that will allow to control the whole house

Pixel 4 XL, home screen

This is what the Pixel Launcher looks like in a Google Pixel 4 XL.

Among other examples, this mysterious command would also serve to point to an object, like a music CD, and then drag it to a speaker to play your songs from that speaker. A remote control that could be used for a large number of other useful actions, such as controlling the brightness of the lights, the thermostat or to obtain information from any screen, among others.

At the moment no more details are known about this mysterious remote control that will allow to control a house, but it is to be expected that said announcement will not be done soon, since the project would now be in an early phase.

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