Google's clock app now helps you sleep better

One of the areas that companies like Google or Apple are placing the best emphasis on is digital health. The relationship we have with our mobile phone can not only take away hours of productivity, but also affect our physical health.

To have good health, it is essential to get enough sleep, and the mobile can play a trick on us even if we are not using it at night. It is enough that we receive a notification to take a look and lose track of time. The Google clock application will now help us sleep better.

The rest mode of the Google clock reaches everyone

Google has updated its digital wellness tools and has started rolling out the alarm clock, one of the most important, to the whole world.

Rest mode. On the left unconfigured, and on the right configured.

This novelty appears in the Google clock application in the bottom bar, under the name of Break. Its main purpose is that we have a healthy sleep routine by establishing a schedule for going to bed and getting up.

In addition to setting schedules, this routine is capable of putting on relaxing sounds before going to sleep or anticipating calendar events, reminding us that if one day we have an event and there is no alarm, the ideal would be to activate one.

When starting the configuration, the first thing we will have to do is activate the alarm clock, choosing the time we want to get up. This alarm can be scheduled for the days of the week that you prefer, being usual to activate it from Monday to Friday. But if you have a specific routine and schedules, you can set it to your liking.

After selecting it, it will indicate the time at which the mobile will go to rest mode. By default it is about 9 hours before getting up, a figure that meets the recommended 8 hours of sleep and 1 hour before sleeping in which we should not be exposed to a screen to sleep better. Once the time comes, the mobile will change to grayscale and will silence notifications.

It is possible that this feature was familiar to you, and we talked about it last June, when the last feature drop of the Google Pixel arrived. After a couple of months of exclusivity on Google mobiles, it is finally beginning to reach the whole world.

The deployment of this novelty began to arrive a few hours ago, and although it may not yet be available on your mobile, if you have the updated Google clock application it should not take long to arrive.




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