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Google's new app is perfect for people with vision problems

Google's new app is perfect for people with vision problems

Augmented reality and artificial intelligence have enormous potential to improve our day-to-day lives, especially for those people who for one reason or another have fewer qualities. Lack of vision is a very common problem, and this Google app will help us.

Whether due to simple myopia or blindness, there are times when we need someone to read a text for us. From today, that someone can be the camera of your mobile, thanks to this Google application.

Lookout is the new Google application for people with vision problems

Google has announced the launch of a new accessibility application which they have called Lookout. This app uses the camera and computer vision to help us recognize the environment, being able to read any text aloud, describe objects or even analyze nutritional labels.

The first version of this application already includes 5 modes, and Google indicates that the entire process is done on our device, being excellent to work without the need for connection. Its capabilities are as follows:

  • Speed ​​reading mode: Read any text captured by the camera.
  • Food label: It is capable of scanning objects and bar codes to display nutritional information.

  • Explore mode: Describes the objects seen by the camera.
  • Document scanning: It is capable of taking a document and extracting all the text.
  • Currency mode: It is currently capable of scanning and indicating the value of a dollar bill.

In our experience, the speed reading mode has shown us to be the only fully functional one, since the operation of the others is somewhat erratic.

Lookout is available from today completely free from the Google Play Store. Unfortunately, when we have tried to download it, it has indicated that it is not compatible with any of our devices, and it is possible that this application is not available at this time for Spain.

However, although it is not available in our country, it does fully understand Spanish. If you want to try it, you can download the APK file from websites like APKMirror.




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