Google's tool to learn to code

Google launched Grasshopper a couple of years ago officially in Spain, its application designed for children, which teaches programming. The application is a good option to learn the basics of programming and take the first steps in this world. Now that the app has been on the market for a while, users are looking to advance further in this world, applying that knowledge in the real world.

Google announces now the launch of Grasshopper Gallery, available in its desktop version for now. It is a place designed to give users the opportunity to create code. Since Google is looking for more and more students in the world with access to coding education, something to which they contribute with this initiative.

Google launches Grasshopper Gallery

Google Grasshopper Gallery how it works

The main objective of Grasshopper Gallery is that students will be able to apply their coding knowledge in real life. We find a series of exercises where you can learn key coding concepts such as functions, loops and variables. Thanks to these exercises, students develop coding skills and will be able to gain confidence in their skills as they progress through the curriculum designed in the application.

From now on, students using this app will be able to apply developed skills to create visualizations, minigames, web pages and more. Google presents it as a free environment where students can start building using their creativity and imagination, which is something important for every programmer.

One of the most important aspects in Grasshopper Gallery is that users can create their own creations, but also to share them with friends, family and many more. Since this application allows you to create your own portfolio where you can show your skills, which can be helpful for the future, when you have a job interview or need access to a course or study. Thus they will be able to demonstrate their experience in this field.

To use the Grasshopper Gallery, you just have to enter this link, where you can log in using your Google account. A major Google initiative, which continues to help students learn programming and coding.

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