Gorilla Glass Victus protects against falls from a height of 2 meters

Corning also improves scratch resistance. It increases by a factor of 2 compared to the predecessor Gorilla Glass 6. Probably Samsung is already using Gorilla Glass Victus for the Galaxy Note 20.

Corning has announced a new generation of Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass Victus should better protect against damage from falls and scratches. The glass surfaces of devices equipped with the successor to Gorilla Glass 6 should survive a fall from a height of 2 meters without damage.

Gorilla glass (Image: Corning)The maximum drop height was given by Corning for Gorilla Glass 6, which was introduced in 2018, at 1.6 meters. “We don’t want the crucial factor in the lifespan of a phone to be that it breaks,” said John Bayne, chief of Cornings Glass division.

However, the toughened glass developers face a major problem. The harder the glass is, the better it is protected from scratches. However, a harder glass breaks more easily than a softer glass. In addition, a scratched glass is also damaged more quickly in the event of a fall than an unscratched glass.

Nevertheless, according to Corning, it was not only possible to increase the drop height, but also the resistance to scratches by a factor of 2, compared to Gorilla Glass 6. Gorilla Glass Victus is also said to protect against scratches four times better than similar tempered glasses Competitor.

The first customer to use Gorilla Glass Victus is, according to Corning Samsung. If you can trust the youngest leaks, the Galaxy Note 20, which the Korean company will introduce in early August, is already protected by Gorilla Glas Victus.

In an interview with CNET USA, Bayne also pointed out that device manufacturers may use thinner versions of a current gorilla glass generation to design thinner devices. “That is the compromise,” says Bayne. “Do you use all improvements to the glass for durability, or do I give up some of the advantages for the design?” The shape of the glass also influences the durability.

Bayne also recommends Gorilla Glass Victus as a cover for a rear camera. Repairing a camera today may be more expensive than replacing a display. Nevertheless, some smartphone providers rely on less durable materials such as sapphire glass. Although it protects very well from scratches, it is more susceptible to falls than Gorilla Glass.

According to Bayne, a flexible variant of Gorilla Glass Victus is in the works. However, an early market launch is not expected.

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