"Gravity Falls" marathon now on Disney Channel

At the end of July, the Disney Channel is all about the mysterious and strange cartoon series, which is not just for the younger audience.

Somewhere in the United States, in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest, there is a mysterious place called “Gravity Falls”. There the grim Stan runs “The Mystery Shack”, a bizarre and unsuccessful tourist attraction. The siblings abels and Dipper are supposed to help their great uncle Stan at work during the summer holidays. The twins only gradually find out exactly what this work consists of. Meanwhile, inexplicable things happen that Dipper and Mabels get to the bottom of. They tumble from one adventure to the next.

Today, July 25th, the Disney Channel transforms into a mysterious place full of curiosities, because then “The Great Gravity Falls Creepy Festival” takes place. The Munich station has been dedicated to the popular cult series since 7:50 am and shows a total of 29 episodes from season one and two of “Willkommen in Gravity Falls”.

The marathon ends in an exciting showdown: from 6.30 p.m. the secrets around Gravity Falls in parts 1 to 4 of “Seltsamageddon” will be solved and everything will be very different than expected …

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