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great deal on Amazon for less than 25 euros

great deal on Amazon for less than 25 euros


The Xiaomi Mi Band 5 is already on sale in Spain. The new bracelet arrives to renew the generation, which has given such good results with the Mi Band 4, which is one of the best-selling products of the Chinese company. However, for many users there are not so many differences between the two bracelets if we compare them, or at least not so much the expected technical advance. That is why the Mi Band 4 and its price drop, makes it a very attractive option, for those who hesitate between buying one model or another.

It is usual that when a new model goes on sale, the previous one drops in price. This is again a dilemma, among those who want to save, but hesitate between doing it or spending a little more and buying the newest. In this case, the My Band 5 has an official price of 40 euros. However, right now we find the Mi Band 4 at a price too low not to consider it an even juicier option than its older sister.

my band 4

Buy the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 with great discount on Amazon

For less than 25 euros

At this time, the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 can be purchased for 24.89 euros, in one of the few occasions that we have seen it drop below 25 euros. This represents a difference of 15 euros compared to the Mi Band 5, which is a difference to consider not buying the new model. On a technical level, both bracelets are practically identical, in addition the Mi Band 5 has not arrived with the expected technologies such as the blood oxygen meter or NFC, something that would have decided the balance more in its favor. Furthermore, we see that shipping is managed by Amazon and shipping costs are free for Prime customers of this shopping portal.

Its technical benefits

Let’s remember that the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 has a screen 0.95-inch AMOLED and that it is resistant to water and dust, making it valid for swimming. Lets rlog all our physical activity by having a heart rate sensor and sleep monitor, which allows us to monitor our output at all times and avoid excesses or over-efforts. On your screen we can instantly see the calls, text messages, notifications application or music playback that we can control from the bracelet. In this way we can have all the control without removing the mobile, since we will also receive notices and the bracelet will vibrate slightly. In addition, the bracelet is full of tricks and hidden functions with which we can get even more out of it.

my band 4

The battery is another of the strengths of the Xiaomi Mi Band 4, since it can be up to 20 days away from the charger, thanks to its 135 mAh battery. In order to manage everything that happens, we will have to download the Mi Fit app. Thanks to it we can see all our progress and try to beat their own marks. In this way we can see the steps taken, the kilometers traveled or the distance of the circuit that we have done by bicycle.

Written by David Girao

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