Great offer of the Samsung Galaxy S9 on Vodafone. Worth?


On more than one, two and three occasions we have recommended waiting a year to take advantage of the best possible discounts on the main range caps for each exercise. Thanks to this, today we can buy a Samsung Galaxy S10 for around 600 euros and, traveling a little more in time, a Samsung Galaxy S9 for just over 300 euros. Quite a bargain.

Let’s remember how he Samsung Galaxy S9 It went on sale in March 2018 with a sale price of 849 euros. Back then it was the best of the best and today it is normal for numerous flagships to offer better features and capabilities. However, few phones of the quality of the old top of the range of the Korean firm will find that they offer more quality for 300 euros.

Galaxy S9 great deal

Vodafone, as logical, is getting rid of all the stock of the S9 because it is necessary to make room for the latest manufacturer news. Thanks to this we can buy the Samsung Galaxy S9 for 325 euros as long as we take advantage of the trick that the operator offers us: hire its unlimited high-speed data rate.

Samsung Galaxy S9 in various colors

It has a usual price of 36.99 euros but right now you can take advantage of a year off the rate and pay only 21.99 euros a month. The only requirement to take advantage of the fee offer and take the Galaxy S9 at a discount price is to last 18 months with the company.

To get the best price on the Samsung phone we just have to call the phone number 900 920 187 where they will attend to us as soon as possible. Once you get in touch, mention the offer on the website that leaves the Galaxy S9 at 325.33 euros.

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Great jacket, better screen, good battery … The Samsung Galaxy S9 was one of the first phones to work with the dual aperture to capture more light with your camera and to this day it continues to offer excellent results. The only but that can be put to the terminal is the issue of software updates because, being a mobile launched two years ago, it is difficult to receive Android 11. However, the update to Android 11 is more than assured by him. You can enjoy all the news of the operating system or Google despite being a 2018 mobile.

Written by Miguel Martinez

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