Great Samsung cell phone on offer – and nobody is allowed to buy it

Image source: Lidl

With the Galaxy A31, Lidl will soon have an attractive Samsung phone on offer – actually. Because the discounter confuses its customers with a strange note in the online shop. GIGA explains the background and reveals where you can get the smartphone even cheaper.


Compared to its big rival Aldi, which divided Germany in half and only offers some products in the north or south branches, Lidl has no regional division. All the more unusual when the discounter says on its website that an offer is “not available in your region”.

Note in Lidl’s online shop: Samsung cell phones are not available in several regions

According to Lidl, the Samsung Galaxy A31 is “not available in your region”. Image: Lidl / Screenshot: GIGA.

This is exactly what happened to the Samsung Galaxy A31. According to Lidl’s online shop, the Samsung cell phone will be one of the well-known hits of the week and will be available from August 20th. But anyone who clicks on the Lidl product page is confronted with this confusing notice.

This is unusual for Lidl: Even offers that are announced in advance and will only be available in a week or two are usually not given such a warning. GIGA took the random sample in several cities, including Berlin, Düsseldorf and Bad Schandau, and Lidl’s online shop always told us that the Samsung Galaxy A31 was not available in our region.

Do you really know Lidl as well as you think?

Amazon beats Lidl: Samsung cell phone to have cheaper

The Samsung Galaxy A31 is a mid-range smartphone and scores among other things with its 6.4-inch screen and the large 5,000 mAh battery. According to the Lidl prospectus, the Samsung cell phone is to be sold for 280.33 euros. At Amazon, however, the smartphone is available for around 264 euros, which is almost 20 euros cheaper. Buyers at Lidl still receive a starter package from Lidl Connect with a 10 euro credit – but those who can do without it and also don’t want to go to a Lidl branch themselves, but prefer home delivery, are probably better served with the Amazon offer .

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