Grindr does not work, the gay social network falls worldwide

Grindr does not work, the gay social network falls worldwide 1

Yesterday it was the MásMóvil group and today it is Grindr, the most well-known gay social network of the moment. Since first thing in the morning, the application has stopped working in much of the world. According to the heat map of the website, the fall seems to have spread throughout the globe, with Europe as the central point. And is that as indicated by several users on Twitter and Instagram, Grindr does not work as it should: it does not connect, it does not allow to initiate session or it does not allow to send messages to other users. At the moment, the company has not ruled on the matter, so the origin of the problem is unknown.

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Grindr does not load: the application does not work correctly in Spain

So is. The social network has stopped working for just a few hours. At the time of writing these reports are in the hundreds, so it does not appear to be an isolated problem. Initially, problems began to arise in some countries in Europe, such as Spain, Germany or France. Now the problem seems to have spread to other countries outside the European Union: Argentina, Mexico, Brazil, the United States …

As for the problems of the application, the majority of users say they have problems accessing the social network. The most common problem has to do with loading content within the application: messages, profiles, photographs, people close to our geographical position… Some users claim to be unable to log in to Grindr, while many others claim to be unable to open the app on Android and iOS.

To all this we must add that the company has not issued an official statement at the moment. Everything points to the fact that this is a specific drop in Grindr’s servers in Europe, although a possible computer attack is not ruled out. In any case, we will update the article with all the information about it as soon as there is an official statement from Grindr – if any. Most likely, the service will be restored in the next few hours, although at the moment we can not take anything for granted.

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