GSS Grundig Systems cooperates with Homeway

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Hospitality systems meet multimedia in-house networks: GSS Grundig Systems cooperates with Homeway in order to jointly offer comprehensive solutions for several network levels.

GSS Grundig Systems GmbH, which offers head-end station technology, hospitality systems and reception technology, cooperates with homeway GmbH, a specialist for multimedia in-house networks. Together, solutions for network levels 2 (head-end station level), 3 (street distributor), 4 (house distributor) and 5 (residential units) are to be offered from a single source.

Robert Kirschner, managing partner of GSS Grundig Systems GmbH explains: “With homeway GmbH we have a perfect cooperation partner who complements our range of products and services with an efficient distribution infrastructure. The still young partnership has already proven itself excellently in the implementation. “

Through the cooperation with homeway, the activities already existing at GSS GmbH in the areas of head-end station technology, hospitality systems (including IPTV) and components for multi-subscriber systems are to be supplemented by modular cabling systems with transmission speeds of up to 100 Gigabit / s.

The components of GSS GmbH are suitable for receiving and processing TV signals and for providing additional services. The components of homeway, on the other hand, are suitable for the creation of in-house networks.

The signals should be distributed both via fiber optic lines and coaxial cables (copper). The conversion of electrical signals to optical signals should also be made possible in this way. The newly combined system solutions could be used in hotels, dormitories and residential properties that offer their own TV signal or comparable services.

The goals of the sales partnership are to increase the number of projects and jointly open up additional markets. The first joint projects are already being implemented.

Harald Kemmann, managing director of homeway GmbH, expects the following from the partnership: “With the development of the world’s first cabling system for living areas, we have set standards. The unique modularity of the homeway system enables the highest level of flexibility in terms of transmission speeds, which has now been further increased through the cooperation with GSS Grundig Systems GmbH to increase performance. “

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