GTA Online and Red Dead Online Receive New Updates –

Online gaming has grown in popularity in recent months. Both Grand Theft Auto Online and Red Dead Redemption Online have seen huge numbers in recent months, according to a recent Rockstar Games blog post.

As a result, Rockstar Games has announced that both games will receive brand new updates in the coming weeks.

GTA online updates

GTA Online will receive a new summer update that offers “an entertaining mix of various new content from the game’s many experiences”.

For GTA Online, it looks like we’re seeing a new version of Heists and even a brand new place where some interesting new content should be available to check out.

Other than that, the details are pretty vague, so we’re not sure what else to expect. We just have to wait and see.

Red Dead online updates

Red Dead fans also look like they will get a “massive new update” sooner rather than later. The new Red Dead Online update will be released on Tuesday, July 28, in a few days.

This new update will include a new Frontier Pursuit that introduces Red Dead fans into the wonders of naturalism as part of a brand new role. There is also a new Outlaw Pass and many features and fixes requested by the community that are included in this update.

The Rockstar team even promises that there will be “a lot more to play and discover” in the coming months.

Rockstar thanks for the feedback

Rockstar Games also took some time on their blog to thank the fans of the games for sending feedback through the official channels. They say that they added many requested features in these new updates. Yes – even musical instruments in Read Dead Online.

Rockstar promises that your requested feature may not appear in this new update, but it may become available in the coming weeks or months.

The development team is still encouraging feedback. So if you’ve ever had a burning desire to see something new in either game, check out the GTA Online or Red Dead Online feedback pages.

Web reporting tools

In addition to feedback, Rockstar also encourages people to submit reports of scammers, hackers, or harassers to ensure the safety of the online community. You can do this using Rockstar’s web reporting tools on the GTA Online and Red Dead Online pages.

“So far this year, we’ve taken action against hundreds of thousands of players who broke the community rules in both games.”

It looks like we’re having some regular content updates in mind and we’ll try to keep you posted as soon as they’re released.

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