GTA online update ends money exploits

GTA Online is the strongest horse at Rockstar Games and is as popular as ever. Unfortunately, this also applies to hackers who can sometimes spoil the fun of the game. Rockstar is constantly behind to improve that and can probably celebrate a new success against money exploits.

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GTA Online: Two glitches have been fixed.

Exploits are often used, but are not appreciated by developers or other players. This is a systematic way of exploiting weaknesses that have arisen during development.

Most of these vulnerabilities are exploited to gain access to resources – Two options, Rockstar has now put a stop to GTA Online.

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GTA Online: Two vulnerabilities eliminated

A Rockstar insider, Tez2, reported on Twitter that two issues have been addressed recently and Rockstar has now responded.

These are two security gaps that have been closed. In the first, players switched characters to transfer money while changing apartments. The second was known as a “payout duplicator”. Here the players used the Elegy to start the mission again before completing it a few minutes later with more money in their pockets.

It will be interesting to see how Rockstar will deal with these problems in the future and whether there will be new and imaginative implementations that will improve the fun.

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