"Günter Netzer junior" – Schweinsteiger's amusing ARD premiere

Image: © victor217 - Fotolia.com
Image: © victor217 – Fotolia.com

Sometimes joking, sometimes seriously, and of course professionally sound – Bastian Schweinsteiger gives a promising premiere as an ARD expert at the DFB Cup final of his ex-team Bayern Munich against Leverkusen. An ex-teammate contributes to this.

It was one of those Thomas Müller moments that gave the ARD premiere of his buddy Bastian Schweinsteiger rhetorical glitz and humor. “Radio Müller is coming now,” joked a very cheerful Bayern boss Karl-Heinz Rummenigge when Müller was asked to speak after the 4-2 victory in the DFB Cup final against Bayer Leverkusen. From the grass, he greeted his former teammate with his arms raised, who made his first appearance as a TV expert on Saturday in the almost empty Berlin Olympic Stadium.

Müller spoke a few thoughtful sentences about the lack of fans in the stadium, philosophized that it was “not the same and certainly not the same” that Schweinsteiger acknowledged on the moderator’s platform with a grin, shaking his head and wild microphone movements. And then Müller said the sentence that is already a candidate for the collection of sayings of this bizarre corona season.

“Günter Netzer junior shouldn’t make fun of it,” said Müller (30) about the five-year-old Schweinsteiger. In contrast to the longtime TV critic Netzer, the World Cup hero from Rio did not wear a tie, but analyzed the action in a white shirt with at least two open buttons and a dark blue jacket, but also with the necessary ease.

The left hand in his pocket, Schweinsteiger joked about a “tactical stroke of genius” by Müller, congratulated him seriously on a well-deserved victory, but also warned against the occasional “too high a chain of four”. After finishing his career in the USA last year, Schweinsteiger still seems close enough to the industry, but at the same time far enough away to be neutral and serious. “For us it was of course a great finale,” said Schweinsteiger – and the listener could briefly think that he was talking about Bayern in the we-form. Of course, he meant “us” to all the viewers, analysts and experts – to whom he now belongs.

And then he caused a little bit of media excitement. In his farewell words, Rummenigge not only wished “have fun with Bastian”, who was a “great guy” and looked “super relaxed”. He also said that Schweinsteiger “hopefully will be able to celebrate again with FC Bayern at some point”. The “sports buzzer” promptly asked during the night: “A simple party invitation? A visionary act? Or even a job offer? “

A return to FC Bayern was regularly in the room, but Schweinsteiger currently seems to have arrived in his job as a TV expert at ARD – the start was promising in any case.

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