Guuk rates, new operator MásMóvil: fiber, mobile and convergent

The large telecommunications groups in our country take positions in all markets. In this case, guuk is the bet to compete with Euskaltel in the Basque Country, a community that has dominated for a long time. Since July 2020, the rates for guuk and we proceed to make a review of all the prices and conditions of these modalities.

What is guuk?

This new operator of the MásMóvil Group, baptized as guuk, has 100% Basque DNA to compete with Euskaltel in this region. It was born with three different types of products such as the famous convergent rates, the fiber-only rates and the mobile-only rates. His proposal is simple and clear, without permanence and with mobile coverage in 98% of the territory.

Among the guarantees they offer we have that of not applying permanence, keeping the price forever and betting on simple rates. If we are already guuk customers we can contact customer service at 2600 (or from abroad on +34 943091848). If we are not, we can call 900622151. We can also write on Facebook, Twitter or email.

Fiber + mobile in guuk

The operator offers two convergent modalities:

  • Fiber 600 Mbps plus mobile with unlimited calls and 7GB per 42 euros per month.
  • Fiber 600 Mbps plus mobile with unlimited calls and 40GB for 52 euros per month.

In both cases they include unlimited calls from the landline to other landlines, a free second line with 1GB and unlimited calls, free roaming in the European Union, free installation and router, line fee included in the price and they are without permanence or penalties.


We can add up to 4 additional lines same as the main one (5 if we count the free 1GB) in exchange for 5 euros more for an additional 7GB line or 10 euros more for an additional 40GB line (only in this modality). In this case, the monthly price will be increased depending on the lines we need.

  • Additional line unlimited calls and 7GB for 5 euros.
  • Additional line unlimited calls and 40GB for 10 euros.

Guuk mobile rates

In this modality we have two rates with free Roaming in the European Union, speed reduction if we run out of data, free shipping of Universal sim and without permanence or penalties. The options are:

  • Mobile 7 GB + unlimited calls for 15 euros per month.
  • Mobile 40 GB + unlimited calls for 29 euros per month.


Fiber and fixed

The fiber and fixed category is not the most popular in operators, but it can get us out of a bind in certain circumstances. Guuk markets a product with 600 Mbps fiber and landline phone with free installation and router, line fee included in the price and, in this case, 12 month stay.

  • Fiber 600 Mbps and unlimited calls from landline to other landlines for 39 euros.


Guuk mobile app

SoyGuuk is the operator’s mobile application to serve its customers. It is available for Android at Google Play Store and soon it will arrive at the App Store for iPhone and iPad devices.


At the moment, we have access to:

  • Your consumption to control calls, consumed data, sent messages and even hire an additional bonus.
  • Your invoices: to see all the invoices of the last months and download them in PDF.
  • Settings: change password, change, activate or deactivate all account services. Including answering machine or roaming.

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