In recent months we have seen a rebound in leaks around iOS 14. It is true that as we get closer to WWDC rumors increase. However, the news published around this operating system has been different in many aspects: more reliable content, with screenshots and surprisingly compatible with Apple’s design. Now we know that all this information comes from a leaked iOS 14 version months ago that was stolen from an iPhone 11 in December 2019. Since then, this version of iOS 14 seems to have become a currency for hackers and the media.

The degradation of Apple before the leaks reaches iOS 14

Apple has always been engulfed in a host of leaks, events and rumors that made keynotes were losing content since the leaked was, to a large extent, what we saw on stage. However, this time the leaks have set a precedent. For some months 9to5mac showed iOS 14 screenshots as if they had a final version of the operating system. Among the media they were amazed that this blog could have so much information without knowing how. Now, thanks to a Motherboard chronicle, we know a little more about the story.

In december 2019 a robbery of a iPhone 11 with engineer privileges with an iOS 14 version installed. The terminal was sold to China for thousands of dollars and that was the moment when everything started to change. Converting an operating system into a currency is not the most logical but the most precious thing for hackers and the media. On the one hand, hackers are capable of analyze iOS 14 vulnerabilities. While the media are capable of offering privileged and truthful information before anyone else.

This iPhone 11 had root privileges, making it easier to make a complete copy of the operating system. Since then there is a network of researchers, media and hackers that have from the same version of iOS 14 as the stolen iPhone. That is, you see a flow of purchase sales that sets an even worse precedent than when the iPhone 4 was stolen in that bar in San Francisco in 2010.

In addition, on Twitter under various hastag or even on the Dark Web there are many who offer the operating system in exchange for money. And it is that having iOS 14 almost 8 months before its launch is important. Although, unfortunately, this stolen version is similar, but it will have nothing to do with the final version. This event begins to glimpse the degradation of Apple before this type of leaks.