Hackers have created an app capable of murder

An application that could kill a person but whose objective was none other than to save their lives.

There are currently thousands of Applications in Google Play Store, and of all kinds, such as those used to design. Of course, none have the same purpose as the one we bring you next: some hackers have created an app that is capable of killing, but it has an explanation and an interesting objective.

It is actually a killer app whose purpose is none other than to save lives, although it seems paradoxical. Rios and Butts, hackers, warned a couple of years ago during a computer security conference of the danger posed by the insulin pumps used by many diabetics around the world. As technology has advanced, these devices have incorporated remote controls so that users can administer the doses in a simple and comfortable way.

App that kills

They create a mobile app that can kill.

Rios and Butts at that time ensured that the communication between the controller and the insulin pump it wasn’t really safe. On the contrary, they warned that it was very vulnerable and that anyone could intercept the signal and could release lethal doses of insulin to the patient. Some warnings that were by the Department of Homeland Security of the United States, by the food agency and by Medtronic, one of the main manufacturers of this type of device.

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An app capable of killing but whose objective is to save lives

Supporting Actor Bob Simpsons

Supporting actor Bob in an episode of The Simpsons.

Seeing that this matter was not taken seriously, years later these two hackers created an application capable of killing interfering in that communication between the remote control and the insulin pump. An app that took over the remote control and that allowed a computer to introduce lethal doses in people, as these two hackers collect in an interview in Wired, which is echoed by El Mundo.

It should be noted that the pumps in charge of dispensing insulin communicate with a remote control through radio frequencies, and the connection is easy to intercept since it is not encrypted. Therefore, access to it by third parties is actually easier than it seems. The application, in a way, supplanted the remote control and could program a lethal dose without the person noticing nor could I do anything to avoid it.

These hackers created the application with the aim of saving lives and achieved a series of demonstrations with the United States Drug Administration and with the manufacturers. Some demonstrations that served so that the warnings previously exposed were taken seriously, and it is that finally work is being done to solve this serious security problem between the remote control and the insulin pump.

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