Have I Been Pwned website will become open source

Over the past few years, Have I Been Pwned has proven to be a valuable way to determine if your email address is connected to the ever-increasing database breaches and leaks. However, despite having operated autonomously for years, and after a failed acquisition process, Troy Hunt, the man behind this titanic project, has decided open the base code of your website to try to guarantee a “sustainable future” for it.

The most important goal of the M&A process was to seek a more sustainable future for Have I Been Pwned, and that desire has not changed; the project cannot depend solely on me”Hunt wrote in a blog post. «However, that’s where we are today: If I disappear, Have I Been Pwned die«.

In addition to ensuring the perpetuity of the project, on a practical level, the jump to open source will also allow other users to help correct errors and implement ideas that are currently not being manageable by a single person.

Thus, Hunt himself has anticipated that it will be a gradual process, so it will take some time to fully open the code base of the web. “The transition from fully closed to fully open will occur incrementally, little by little and in a way that is both manageable As responsible”.

And it is worth bearing in mind that, despite the fact that many of the data with which Have I Been Pwned works can still be found on the web, many of them are still managed under a reduced market, so «It is important that privacy controls prevail on the breach data itself, even as the code base becomes more transparent«.

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