Having iOS 14 widgets on your Android is easier than you think

Dress up your Android mobile as an iPhone with iOS 14 thanks to these widgets.

After years of waiting, widgets have come to iPhone and iPad with iOS 14. The new version of Apple’s operating system introduces several new features that were already present in Android, including the possibility of adding widgets to the home screen to complement the icons and get more information from the applications at a glance.

And the reality is that, as usual, Although Apple is late, the implementation of its widgets it is one of the best we have seen so far on an operating system in terms of consistency with the user interface. So it is not surprising that some Android users have wanted to emulate the experience with the widgets of iOS 14 in their terminals, something possible thanks to the freedom offered by the Google platform in terms of personalization.

iOS 14

Widgets are one of the great novelties of iOS 14

The widgets of iOS 14, on your Android thanks to Nova Launcher and KWGT

The person in charge of achieving such a feat has been the Reddit user / u / dontbeaboot. His goal was to get widgets as similar as possible to iOS 14 to Android, using some of the most popular apps and customization tools for Android. So, he ended up using Nova Launcher and the widget manager KWGT. Once the topic has been prepared, the results are as follows:

Best of all, is that the user himself offers us the possibility of use this same theme on our Android devices without too much effort, since he has published the files needed to import the style into Nova Launcheras well as the KWGT widget files. All of them are available in a Google Drive folder.

Once the necessary files are downloaded, it will be enough with import the settings into Nova Launcher through the launcher settings menu, within the section “Backup and Import”, selecting the option “Restore or manage backups” as we saw in our guide to create a copy of Nova Launcher. Of course, once you have restored the copy you can modify the icons, widgets and other components of the home screen at your whim.

In the case of widgets the process is even easier. It is only necessary place them on the home screen with the desired size, and then open the application to select the configuration files to be applied. It should be noted that both Nova Launcher and KWGT can be downloaded for free through the Google Play Store.

When you have finished the process, you can enjoy the appearance of iOS 14 on your Android mobile or tablet. If you want to complete the experience, just download and use one of the original iOS 14 wallpapers.

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