HbbTV Conformance Test Suite Version 2020-2 released

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The HbbTV Association has released a new version of the HbbTV Conformance Test Suite.

The new version called v2020-2 is the second and most important release of the Test Suite this year. It comprises a total of 2,759 tests. This corresponds to an increase of 173 tests since the previous test suite version v2020-1.

The publication also includes the 90 tests of the first HbbTV Specification for Targeted Advertising (HbbTV-TA), which was published in February 2020. The remaining tests for HbbTV-TA will be made available in the course of 2020 and are expected to be released as part of Test Suite v2021-1.

“The HbbTV specifications enable broadcasters, platform operators and device manufacturers to make the television experience even more flexible, personal and attractive, and at the same time open up new sources of income and business models. The extended test suite ensures that existing and new functions can be quickly and smoothly displayed on HbbTV-compatible TV sets and set-top boxes, ”said Vincent Grivet, chairman of the HbbTV Association.

Further information on the Test Suite v2020-2 is available at hbbtv.org.

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