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Wanting to experience films, series and video games in the best possible quality forms the basis for our fascination with technology. At the beginning there are the creators of the content: what grows through their years of work is modern art and pure entertainment at the same time.

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Film and game classics can hardly affect time, because the often-quoted attention to detail is no less valuable today than it was then. Thanks to new remastering processes, the most exciting adventure stories of the past can be brought closer to a younger target group, and the former children now become the parents who live the same fascination for their children. The fact that films and games are growing closer and closer is largely thanks to computer technology. New film and series productions are already taking the next step: sheer endless fantasy worlds are being created in the middle of bare factories and important experiences from the video game industry are being incorporated.

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In the living room we experience a similar transformation: films, series and video games are often all played on the big screen in the living room and the view of the screen is more like a look through a window than ever. But the side effects of the free market economy cannot be denied in the entertainment industry in the Internet age either: For example, those who do not produce new content and goods quickly and cheaply enough are increasingly falling behind in the race for market share and the often fueled hype around a product announcement mostly overshadows the end result. As in good competitive sports, the following should apply: wanting to get higher, faster and further is a natural driver, but the general conditions should be fair and the same for everyone.

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All the more impressive are the projects in which the makers seem to be swimming against the generally accepted current and consciously accept risks. What we experienced in the past weeks was no less than a milestone in our 15 years of work: Unique televisions with the best possible technologies, new 4K HDR image sources and the view of a completely new entertainment era point the way to an exciting one Future. Real and virtual worlds will merge more and more and yesterday’s technology nerds will become the most important bridge builders of tomorrow. More with each other instead of against each other: The entertainment industry can create fantastic worlds if cooperation rather than isolation is exemplified.

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Contents of the HDTV 4/2020

  • Sony PS5: This is expected by Playstation players at the end of the year
  • Gaming special: With this hardware you can level up
  • Samsung The Terrace: Break out of your own four walls
  • Metz mobilizes everyone: strengthen specialist retailers even in difficult times
  • Entertainment revolution: Unreal Engine as a bridge between the virtual and real world

Tests in the HDTV 4/2020

  • LG OLED48CX (insert): Smallest OLED really big
  • Samsung GQ65Q95T: The best 4K QLED LCD of the year
  • Sony KD-75XH9005: price tip for next-gen gamers
  • Sony KD-75ZH8: Impressive cinema spectacle with 8K
  • Panasonic TX-65HZW2004: OLED at the power limit
  • TCL 65X10: Mini LED premiere at an attractive price

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