Hellpoint release announced for July 30th

The techno-horror action role-playing game Hellpoint has just been released and we won’t have to wait long. Hellpoint is coming to Steam on July 30th.

As you can see from this trailer, it has a pretty strong visual identity. It combines demonic creatures with science fiction images. It feels like one of the Dark Souls games hits Doom 3. The mix of technology and machines with rune symbols and nightmare creatures is a really strong aesthetic.

There is a lot of emphasis on the co-op game. It’s still fully playable in single player mode, but there are extensive options for multiplayer, including online coop and local split screen coop. Split-screen coop is a particularly nice feature that is much rarer these days and is particularly rare on PCs.

There are both melee and ranged options, and a huge space station on the outer edge of the galaxy to explore. In the classic Souls way, there are many interlocking links and secret passages to discover when you find new routes to the different locations in the station.

If you want to get a little insight into what Hellpoint has to offer, developers Cradle Games have already released “Hellpoint: The Thespian Feast” on Steam. This is a free standalone chapter of the game that you can enjoy while waiting for the full game to be released.

The full game will be released on July 30th and is now available on Steam, although prices have not yet been confirmed or pre-orders have not yet been launched.

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