Here's how Android 11 will improve password autofill

Since Android 9.0 Pie, the autocomplete function is something official in the operating system and that we can also activate in Spain, something that we have shown you previously. Despite being a function that has been in the operating system for a long time, when it comes to autofilling passwords we find many problems and it does not always work well, but with Android 11 it will change.

Google search integrate a better system with Android 11 so that entering passwords in your accounts in applications or web pages will be simpler. It would also be a system that will be integrated into keyboards like Gboard, but also with third-party keyboards, which will allow all users to benefit.

Android 11 will make it easier to fill out passwords

The arrival of Android 11 will allow keyboards to be able show autocomplete suggestions online, changing the current system from a drop-down menu to a suggestion strip, which will be displayed on the top bar of that keyboard. The keyboard will see your password when you have touched it, so that this information is kept private at all times.

In order to use this function, keyboards and different input methods will need to be updated. Therefore, it is possible that it will not reach all of them at the same time, but will be updated as the new version of the operating system is deployed, which should be made official in a few weeks. Options such as Gboard or Google’s password manager will surely be among the first to update and use this new system.

The integration of the password autocomplete function into the keyboard will allow a much better use of it, which is undoubtedly something that is highly anticipated. A function that could be sensed weeks ago, but about which we are now learning more, when the official launch of Android 11 will not take too long to arrive.

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