Herman Miller Embody Review 2020

The Herman Miller Embody is the latest entry by Herman Miller in the area of ​​ergonomic chairs. It’s different and better than anything the company has ever produced. The chair is mainly designed for office workers. The intention was to meet the needs of computer workers who sit for long periods.

A normal chair does not always take into account the needs of the human body. Most office chairs in the market today are built with budget and style in mind. For this reason, you may need the Herman Miller Embody Review to make the right decision.

Herman Miller Embody Chair - Graphite Frame / Black Rhythm Textile

Our rating: 4 out of 5 stars


Reasons to buy it

When buying a chair for an all-day session, your comfort should be more important than style and cost. This distinguishes the Embody from other office chairs. The embodiment was developed to take into account the needs of the human body.

It has been well developed to enable and promote healthy posture. It has also been built well to relieve pain that occurs after prolonged sitting. This is the type of chair that keeps you awake and less stressed while working. This leads to more productivity and satisfaction after every working day.

Herman Miller Embody Chair review

The Embody has functions that can easily stand out compared to other office chairs. This makes it different and a better option for all office workers.

The idea behind this chair is that sitting can be better; more responsive, natural and even more positive for your health. Sitting for a long time has been considered essentially sitting and potentially harmful to health for many years. For this reason, Herman Miller designers Jeff Weber and Bill Stumpf had to consult several experts in various fields, including biomechanics, physiotherapy, vision and ergonomics, to get a good guide to developing the Embody.

The result of these consultations is the most advanced ergonomic office chair in the world.

Its functions and advantages

1. Quality

This is a high quality chair that has a positive effect on your way of working. The chair is very well designed and made from the best materials on the market. This makes it easy for the chair to adapt to your needs as soon as you sit on it. The excellent quality also guarantees long-term service. You can enjoy its great quality for a long working time.

2. Comfort

This chair is one of the most comfortable office chairs you will ever sit on. Its seat and back are constructed using a dynamic pixel matrix that responds to the movement of the user’s body. This helps to avoid deposits and the reason why you can enjoy great comfort. The black outer layer is rhythm, a durable textile made of 100% polyester that is very comfortable.

Herman Miller Embody reviews

Comfort comes with less fatigue. The chair can distribute the pressure so that blood and oxygen can circulate freely. This fights fatigue and improves attention. The frameless, narrow backrest supports the movement, while the tilt design supports a deep, functional lying position. This is the best working position, especially for people who do intensive computer work.

3. Support

The Embody was developed exclusively to improve your health. If you sit for more than four hours in a row, you run the risk of suffering pain that can affect the way you sit, work, and walk. The chair offers great relief, which can also improve your focus. Thanks to its ergonomic support, you can work longer without suffering from fatigue and back pain.

Herman Miller Embody Chair

Thanks to the integrated sacral support, the back support starts from the base of the spine. It also has a back adjustment that allows the backrest to be fine-tuned to match the natural curvature of the spine.

4. Style

This is a very stylish chair. It has been very well designed to complement any modern office. The great look is a great addition to your office.

5. adjustability

Not all ergonomic chairs are adjustable, but the embody is different. This chair is very adjustable and therefore fits every type of person. These include extremely petite to very tall people. With the tilt limiter you can easily tilt it forward depending on your preferred working position. The adjustable seat depth allows you to choose the seat depth that is comfortable for you. It also has fully adjustable arms as well as a graphite base and frame. You can adjust the black arm pads and carpet rolls according to your wishes at any time.

6. Rotatable backrest

Every back is unique. That is why the Embody was equipped with a rotating backrest. This serves to enable a backrest adjustment, with which each user can align the backrest with the natural curvature of his spine. You can get a comfortable fit from the base of your spine through the lumbar spine to the shoulder blades.


  • This is a very expensive office chair compared to the many office chairs on the market today. It is therefore not affordable for many pe
  • Finding the perfect fit may not be easy, even if the chair is highly adjustable



The Herman Miller Embody is a unique office chair that more than minimizes the negative effects of sitting. It is a product of years of research, planning, construction and testing. This makes it better than any other office chair on the market today. The design promotes healthy movement and blood circulation, provides support, comfort and helps you to concentrate at work. It is the best office chair you can buy if you work continuously for more than four hours.

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