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Hidden news WhatsApp beta for Android

Hidden news WhatsApp beta for Android

Testing the beta of WhatsApp is a possibility that we have available iPhone and Android users, although it is true that in the devices of the bitten apple it is almost impossible to find a hole. In Android it is easier, however, right now we are also informed that “the WhatsApp Messenger application testing program can no longer accept more testers ”. Be that as it may, in the latest version WhatsApp beta for Android, we have hidden two interesting news.

Multiple devices

It is not new that WhatsApp is working on the support for several devices at the same time, but it is the interface that it would use for the user to manage those connected devices (or linked with the account). From the looks of it, the app would allow us to have up to 4 devices with the same account at the same time.


All this could be consulted from the WhatsApp menu through the option Linked Devices or linked devices, as we see in the image above. This would open a section with information on the devices that we already have linked, which can be browsers, computers or Facebook Portal, in addition to a button to link a new device.

Clicking on each of the linked devices we would have access to two options such as Close the session or close that window, in addition to informing us at all times of the last time we used WhatsApp from that device in question. This is something that would closely resemble the current section of WhatsApp Web / Desktop.

Advanced search

This is another one of those novelties of which we already gave some details in the past, but of which we now have a more concrete idea thanks to the novelties that the latest beta of WhatsApp hides. In this case, those responsible for the messaging application work in polish interface advanced search.


As we see in the image above, we will be able easily search content choosing to be photos, videos, links, GIFs, voice memos or audios and documents. In this way, it will be easier to find what we are looking for regarding the tool that we have available at the moment.

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