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Hidden: This is the only way to see the first “Dune” trailer

Hidden: This is the only way to see the first “Dune” trailer

The science fiction film “Dune” is one of the most anticipated and probably the last big blockbusters to be released in cinemas this year. Supposedly fans can look forward to a first trailer soon. With a catch, however.

The first moving image material for Denis Villeneuve’s hyped film adaptation is supposed to be shown exclusively in the cinema. More specifically, before the re-performance of “Inception” in August. Yes, some may not be able to hear the name Christopher Nolan anymore. But the Hollywood director is now the filmmaker that the whole industry is looking at. Not just because the Briton is celebrating his 50th birthday today. But above all, of course, because of his new thriller “Tenet”, which has recently received its final start date and is now to save the paralyzed cinema summer (DF reported).

Meanwhile, Christopher Nolan’s Oscar-winning “Inception” is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year. In numerous countries, the Mindfuck action film is therefore being shown in cinemas again through a group of dream thieves. And so that fans have twice the reason to pay money again for how Leonardo DiCaprio fights his way through several dream levels, Warner Bros. has supposedly considered a supporting program. As part of the screenings before the film, there should not only be new material from “Tenet” and a making of “Inception”, but also a new trailer for “Wonder Woman 1984” and a first look at “Dune”, as reported by the Trailer Track page. Warner is keeping a low profile in this regard, but at least that is due to media reports that have meanwhile agreed.

In Germany, “Inception” will be shown again in cinemas from August 14th. An online release of the new trailer material seems unlikely for the time being and should be a long time coming after the cinema premiere. Provided, of course, that the currently circulating reports and speculations are true at all.

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  • Dune: Warner Bros. Entertainment / Chiabella James

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