Hide the Router: Alternatives, Ideas and Recommendations

Although there are exceptions, normally the router you have at home is not the most beautiful thing that there will be on a shelf or on the TV cabinet. Especially those of the operators that you do not choose yourself but install it because it is included in the fiber package that you have contracted or ADSL. So hiding the router is an option for many people and there are all kinds of ideas and tricks to hide it and hide it without anyone knowing that it is there.

Should you hide the router?

It is not the most advisable. You may want to do it even if you know that it is not the best, but in general, hiding the router may have a worse signal or weaker signal. It will be worse than if we leave it in a free space without being surrounded by objects, much less without being covered by them. In case you are going to hide the router, always try to hide it spaces where it is open on at least one side, where you have some ventilation. A completely hermetic box is not one of the best options although there are alternatives.

Where to put the router

As Google explained in 2019, the most common places to hide the router are: under a cabinet and behind some books. Many people try to hide them under the sofa although it is somewhat impractical if you are going to vacuum or if you want the signal to arrive correctly. Other users, according to the same information from Google, decide to hide the device inside a box, inside a drawer, inside a trash can, inside a closet …

All these options camouflage the device so that it does not look ugly butWe may lose signal range. The correct thing would be to place it in a free space. Not within anything. Nor behind any piece of furniture or object, although this would be less bad. In addition, another of the most common tips is that we consider wireless devices or metal objects that are said to cause signal interference.

Another problem, beyond losing signal range, is that the router overheats and it may cause you some problem and not only with the Internet. But it will always depend on where you hide it, how you hide it or the care you have.

Hide the router

Alternatives to hiding the router

Before explaining some original ways to hide the router, we will do it in case you are interested and want it not to be seen, there are other alternatives and options available. The most logical and recommended option is to buy a new router. In general, the routers that the operators include are not the best that you will have in the market and there are many of the best routers of each year that not only offer you better coverage or better customization options, but also have a more design careful and generally more modern or attractive. Of course, it is important that don’t prioritize design over quality or it will be a worse solution (and more expensive) than hiding the one you already have.

WiFi Mesh

Another of the most recommended alternatives is to use a Mesh or Mesh WiFI network. This type of routers offers us two advantages: improves signal compared to conventional but also usually have a modern and more careful design. What WiFi mesh networks do is unite a base station with several satellites or nodes and amplify the signal to reach all rooms. They are usually more expensive than other routers but will improve coverage if you want to leave it in view because you like its design or if you decide to hide it so that it is not visible.

PLC amplifiers

Beyond hiding the router as such, you can search for a location at home where it is not commonly seen. For example, your room. Even if there are visits you receive and go to the living room or kitchen, for example, a corner of your room will not always be the busiest. Or any other place in the house where it is possible to place it and is not likely to look bad with the decorad. Once you have chosen the place you can amplify the signal with a PLC, repeaters that do not expand like WiFi but they do it through the wiring, the plug. Placing the repeater in a socket will be less conspicuous than having routers or repeaters at each corner.

Where to hide the router

There are all kinds of ideas or places where you can hide the router regardless of the size of your house or what you have for it. There are always possible ways to camouflage it and we give you some of the best or most original ideas.

Buy a box

It is one of the simplest processes if you do not mind investing some money but you do not want to complicate yourself. You don’t need to know crafts and a small hole made with a cutter or scissors at the back will be enough to let all the cables pass. The cardboard box has to be big enough to fit the router and the back of the cables, place it so that it is not visible. It is highly advisable, in case of using this option, that occasionally open the box and allow the router “breathe” to prevent it from overheating. It can be an option if you want to hide it when there are visitors but leave it on the air the rest of the time. Or at least control it and avoid overheating if you bet this way.

Boxes to hide the router

Use an old book

You can use an old book that you are not interested in and that you do not want to have around the house. There are boxes that look like books, but you can use one you already have so you don’t have to spend money hiding the router. The process is one of the easiest if you don’t want to do too many crafts. Of course, keep in mind that the antenna will be seen if the router has it. The rest is fast: you have to tear out all the pages of the book you have and leave only the lids of it. There you will be able to put the router in the hole that remains although keep in mind that the sides will be visible.

If you want the sides not to be visible, do not tear the pages completely but you will have to cut them forming the space of the router but leaving pages at the top and bottom of the book. So on the sides you will see leaves but between them the device will be in place to have internet.

Old book

Under a piece of furniture

As Google explained at the time, under the furniture is one of the most common options to hide the router and it is quite simple because it is enough to stick it to the surface and hold it well, either under the sofa or under a table. This is probably the least inconvenient option because it will be quite uncovered compared to others (it doesn’t get cloistered like a box, for example) and it also has the advantage that you don’t need anything special to do it.

router under table

In a piece of furniture

Some new floors have the possibility to hide the router itself inside the light box where you usually find the installation. But not everyone and we don’t always have access to a new apartment. Of course, we can create our own cable or telecommunications cabinet where we can organize power strips with plugs for chargers and even introduce the router. You just need to look for a place in the house where you think it has a good location and put everything inside well ordered and as long as you can plug in the cables. Also, if you want not to see what’s inside just customize the furniture and do not have glass doors that reveal the cables loose and not too tidy.

Cabinet for routers

WiFi box

Like the previous one, you can buy decorated boxes to place the router on the wall without making it ugly. You can find a box designed with the holes for the antennas and you can even choose different colors, sizes or designs to hang it on the wall. They are very cheap and it is a highly recommended option.

Hide router - boxes

Hide it in the bookstore

It may be one of the most complex options but the finish is really good. You need a collection of books that you don’t like and that you have at home (some old encyclopedia, for example) and cut all of them to the same height and width, as you can see in the following video. If you don’t have books you don’t want, you can find many second-hand or cheap or even free in some markets.

When you have them, you will need a saw and measure exactly the gap in the books you are going to cut. Cut them all the same and place them on the shelf next to each other. In this way, you will have enough space to put something under the books, either to hide the router or any other box that you want to keep secret. It is an option that it takes more elaboration but with a perfect finish if you have a bookstore at home.

Use a box

You can use any box that has enough background. Beyond tables specially created for it, You can look for a canvas that is sufficiently separated from the wall. This gap should be enough for the router to fit under it, as you can see from the images. Keep in mind that if the box has light colors and the router is dark, the lights could be transparent in case of canvas. But you can search photo frames with wide framesI know they will be far enough apart to fit your router behind. If you can’t find anything that works, they sell exclusive boxes to hide the router or any other device you have around the house.

Hide router in a box

Baskets and trunks

It is one of the most basic options as long as you make a hole and you want to have it on the ground. There are plenty of baskets and trunks that you can buy and they will look good in one corner of the room. Some, in addition, they have handles for which it will be easy to connect the router from the inside to the wall, as they explain from the website A Pretty Happy Home.

Hide the router in baskets and trunks

File cabinet

If the router is in the home office or in your office, a filing cabinet is your best ally. Have opening at the back or above so you will save yourself from making holes or breaking them. Whether it’s cardboard, wood, or plastic, this top hole will dissipate heat and is not completely closed. Just put the cables inside, put it on a table or cabinet near the plug and nothing will be seen.

filing router

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