Hire Spotify Premium Duo for couples: Price and advantages

If you don’t agree what it sounds like in the car or if you both want to listen to things at the same time but different songs with headphones or speakers, inside or outside the house, is a good option. The only condition is that you live under the same roof and that you have an individual Spotify account. Favorite songs for each one, different playlists or a history that does not have to be the same. And also, the Duo Mix for when you share time together. An affordable option and highly recommended for your boyfriend or girlfriend, your husband or your wife.

spotify premium duo

What is it?

Spotify Premium Duo is a new Spotify subscription method that offers all the advantages of Premium accounts but with a discount. This designed for couples, as its name suggests, and has been available in Spain since July 2020.

According to Spotify, 73% of couples listen to music together but there is also a high percentage who listen to it alone to differentiate themselves. The tastes are not always the same and that is why we do not always want to have the same account as our partner. In that case, Spotify Duo Premium allows us to have two different profiles with different lists but with songs in common that we listen together.

Spotify Premium Duo

For whom?

For couples who live under the same roof and want to have Spotify Premium but do not want to share the same account. It will be cheaper than two individual accounts and has some ‘extra’ advantages that we will discuss in the next paragraphs.

The conditions that Spotify requires are:

  • The main account holder and the subsidiary account of your family must reside at the same address in order to have Spotify Duo Premium.
  • After activating the accounts, the user must confirm your address.
  • You may be asked to return to confirm the address from time to time to verify that both users continue to meet the access requirements.

Furthermore, the company makes it clear that “it reserves the right to terminate or suspend access to the serviceor Spotify Premium Duo immediately and at any time if the user does not meet the requirements and the provisions of the Spotify Terms and Conditions of Use. “

How much does it cost?

It is priced at 12.99 euros per month with two accounts. In other words, around 6.5 euros per month for each person. If we paid the two Premium accounts individually it would be 19.98 euros per month for 9.99 euros per month each of them. IIt also includes a free trial month that we can use if we have never had Spotify Premium before with the email that we are going to register.

Go from a normal account to Duo

You can go from a regular gutter to Spotify Premium Duo without having to delete it and without having to lose your favorite songs or playlists. Simply go to “Manage your account” from the Spotify website and you can change the subscription from conventional to Duo.

Spotify Premium Duo

What does Spotify Premium Duo offer?

Like all other Premium accounts, Spotify offers:

  • Two Premium accounts
  • Ad-free music
  • Ability to listen to music offline
  • Playing on demand without being random
  • Duo Mix, a personalized list for both

Duo Mix

Duo Mix is ​​a playlist for couples with Spotify Duo Premium who not only want to listen to music separately, also together. This list is automatically updated regularly with songs that everyone likes of the two users. You must bear in mind that for the songs on this list to begin to fill up, we will have to listen to Spotify for fifteen days and thus the system will choose the songs that we like from each other, refining the content as much as possible.

Very useful if you are in the car and you never agree on what to play as it will take some of the most listened songs from one and the other playlist.

Differences with Spotify Family

Both the Spotify family plan and the new Duo require that people using the associated accounts live in the same house. They must all live under the same roof and usually the application will check the location so that users do not lie about the place of residence. But there are differences in terms of features, account and price. Spotify Duo is priced at 12.99 euros while the Family Plan It has a price of 14.99 euros.

The first offers up to two accounts and the second up to six, so it is much cheaper if you are going to share not only with your partner but with your children or with your parents if they live with you. Premium accounts offer the same thing: ad-free, offline and on-demand music. Although the family plan adds the possibility of have parental control which blocks explicit music from some of the associated profiles.

Explicit content on Spotify

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