Hisense U7QF, a television designed for soccer lovers

Hisense U7QF, a television designed for soccer lovers

Hisense presented just a few days ago its new ULED televisions for 2020. Among them, the U8QF, the top-of-the-range model, stood out. But it is not the only television that we are going to find in this year’s ULED range. Just behind the top model we have the Hisense U7QF, a television set created in a collaboration between Hisense and UEFA. The intention of the manufacturer has been to create the best television for big soccer fans. But yes, without neglecting users who also want to use it for other types of content, such as movies, series or video games. Let’s get to know better what the new Hisense U7QF offers.

Sports and much more

As we said, the Hisense U7QF is a model that was born from the collaboration between Hisense and UEFA. Thus the U7QF integrates a new Sports Mode, specially designed to offer an immersive experience similar to that of living a live match. The secret is in the algorithm that this new model uses, which analyzes images, increases brightness, contrast, color and sharpness to recreate sports scenes in a more vibrant way with more vivid colors and more crystalline images.

In addition to the new Sports Mode, the Hisense U7QF is equipped with some technologies that seek to offer the best image quality. Among them we find the system Full Array Local Dimming Pro, which improves the black level and performs better control of the lighting system. It also uses quantum dot technology, Quantum dot, to get better colors and shine.

Hisense U7QF technology launch

Compatibility with HDR10, Dolby Vision and HDR10 +, thus covering all HDR formats that we currently have on the market. It also has a Dolby Atmos sound system, which generates surround sound and creates a more complete experience.

Regarding the Smart TV system, Hisense maintains its commitment to its system VIDAA U, which reaches version 4.0 in 2020. This new version has been redesigned to offer a more intuitive and personalized platform, in addition to incorporating the main content platforms on the market: Netflix, Dazn, Rakuten TV or Amazon Prime Video. To these is added the new UEFA.tv application, which complements the new Sports Mode included on the television. At the same time, it has intelligent control thanks to the built-in Alexa system to control the television using voice commands.

Finally, the new model has a new Game Mode, which significantly reduces input lag and makes the screen response time less than 16 milliseconds.

The new Hisense U7QF is now available in specialized stores and regular dealers. This model is available in 50, 55 and 65 inches.

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