Honor Choice TWS Earbuds, noise cancellation and quality for only € 30

The new Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds bring you noise cancellation and quality wireless audio for just 30 euros … It’s not to be thought of much!

Than smartphones will simplify their sales packages It is an open secret, in fact Apple itself, which usually sets the trends in the market very well, is studying and launching its new iPhone without a charger or serial Earbuds in an interesting movement in favor of ecology, as long as it also has an impact on cost savings for the end user.

It is something that had been warning, not in vain most of the smartphones on the market have already abandoned the audio-jack, at least almost all the high-end, and this has made true wireless headphones have become the star accessories of any self-respecting mobile phone, improving features and lowering prices to democratize and reach more and more users.

The New Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones

Good TWS headphones, without a doubt the key accessory of any current smartphone

Today there are options for all tastes, both for the most audiophiles and for those who simply want headphones on their mobile phone that has lost the jack connector, so surely these Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds you are going to love for its possibilities but above all, also for its price around 30 euros.

Nobody is going to offer you a ‘true wireless’ headphones with noise cancellation for about 30 euros approximately, Honor has done it with these new Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds

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The New Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones

All the power of quality TWS headphones, at a price almost knocked down

Probably the best quality / price option on the market, for those who want headphones true wireless

Not only to operate like a charm with its range of smartphones, the firm presents them spin-off Huawei, and is that Honor wants make Choice True Wireless Earbuds a quality choice that offers any user a more immersive and comfortable experience with their mobile at a reasonable price.

In fact is that we needed options like this In a market that has started with very high costs, making wireless headphones less attractive than now, they can definitely take off if manufacturers like Honor reach these levels of quality and prices.

These new Honor Choice promise a lot, with drivers 7 millimeters to improve sound and boost the bass, although it will undoubtedly be in the general sharpness of the audio where they will stand out, offering the best calling experience that we may need.

The New Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones

A complete ‘datasheet’ with lots of functionality to beat and a price to convince

To do this, they mount up to four far-field microphones, and a digital signal processor that allows them to implement call noise cancellation to eliminate ambient sounds and hear the conversation better, also enhancing the speaker’s voice. Avoid hassles when talking with wireless headphones, it is not as expensive as it seemed, and this It is the cheapest model with noise cancellation available in the current market.

Not only that, and it is that its autonomy is up to 6 hours thanks to its 55 mAh batteries in each earphone, adding another 500 mAh in a charging base than promise to offer us another 18 hours of continuous playback.

Like almost all, they have a touch control system that allow us to answer calls, change songs or activate the smart assistant, and also apply as training partners thanks to their IP54 certification that gives them resistance to dust or sand and to splashes or sweat.

They weigh just over 40 grams including the case, they are compatible with Android and iOS, its connectivity is Bluetooth 5.0 LE and have a USB Type-C connector in its carrying case to charge using any standard cable of a current mobile. They do not offer wireless charging at their base, but at this price level we cannot demand more.

The New Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones

Their resistance to water will also allow you to play sports with them, the versatility to power!

Honor Choice True Wireless Earbuds, launch and pricing

Honor’s new wireless headphones have already been launched in some markets, and his arrival in Europe is official for the next days or weeks, luckily including Spain among its first landing countries. You should know that They can only be bought in white, and they cost as recommended retail price 34.90 euros at launch.

In any case We already have a bit cheaper alternatives and that they also pass through to Latin America, as specialized importing stores such as AliExpress already lists them from 31.77 euros with shipping from China:

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