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The permissions that the applications ask to work on Android they are a topic that worries users in Spain. There are times when certain permissions are not fully understood or are viewed as potentially dangerous. One of them is that an app requests Internet access. There may be an application that does not have such access on the phone you prefer.

Check what apps on the phone have internet access is good, since it is something that we often do not pay attention to, but it should be kept in mind. Therefore, there may be an application that should not have it. We show you how to withdraw it and why it might be necessary in some cases.

What does Internet access permission mean?

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The fact that an application or game has Internet access permission can result in it running in the background, without many times knowing that it is working. This will cause it to consume mobile data, without actually using the application. In addition, it also involves a battery consumption in the phone, although luckily we can limit the operation in the background, so that it does not consume.

also can issue notifications while you have this permission. Since it is usual that when a game or app has this access, it will send notifications with a certain frequency, such as news about a game, in addition to offers or promotions. In many cases they are ads that do not really interest us, so it is something that can be annoying.

That is why there are applications or games that they can abuse this Internet access. So it is probably worthwhile to see which of these applications on Android are abusing it, in case we want to limit it in some cases, or block it entirely. Especially to avoid unnecessary data and battery consumption when said app is not working.

How to avoid using data

In Android we can block Internet access to an application, although in many cases, if we do this, the operation of said application may be affected. Blocking access entirely may therefore not be appropriate. What can be done in this regard is to limit the data usage of said application or game.

This will reduce at least many of the problems we have with the app. This is something that from the phone settings it will be possible perform. To block such Internet access completely, we can resort to third-party applications, which allow this. The options we have are:

Android settings

In the settings of our Android phone we can limit access to mobile data from any application on the phone. This will allow less data usage, in addition to the battery consumption generated by the application in the background. Much of the problems would be solved in this way. The steps to follow are:

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Enter Applications.
  3. Search the list for the application or game in question.
  4. Enter that app.
  5. Go to the Data Use section.
  6. Check the Restricted data usage box.
  7. In some layers of personalization you can disable the use of data in the background.

Third party applications

If we really want to completely block internet access from this app, we can use third-party applications, who are going to do this. Because we do not have such a possibility in the system settings, the use of applications such as a firewall are presented as a good alternative.

NetGuard is a good app for this, which gives us various options and tools with which to block Internet access from an application on your phone. There are basic tools, as well as some more advanced ones, so each user will be able to create their own configuration in this case. You just have to look for the app in question in the list and you can remove that access to the network. It is an app similar to another that we have already talked about a few months ago.

This application can be downloaded for free on Android. Inside there are purchases, to have access to some of its advanced functions, but the free version already allows you to limit and / or block said Internet Access, which is exactly what we were looking for with this application.

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