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How brands like Sony, Nokia or Motorola started

by Tejas Dhawan

Everyone here knows the most important technology firms such as Sony, Motorola or Nokia. Companies that every year offer us their products of all kinds, from mobiles and even consoles like the PlayStation. However, before all these companies became known, what did they do? What were your beginnings?

The digital medium Cooking Ideas has reviewed the beginnings of some of the most popular technology brands today and the truth is that many surprise. Today giants, many of them started in the most humble way possible. Let’s review some of the most interesting ones.

Nokia: Finns and the pulp market

The one that was said to be making the world’s most durable non-smart phones at the time, had a very distant start from technology. Finnish company whose phones reigned in every home back in the 90s, started with the wood pulp, that is, cellulose, even making toilet paper.

Today many other things are dedicated to make android phones and is that his alliance with Microsoft did not end excessively well.

Motorola: Before creating the first mobile phone, your business was another

Motorola DynaTAC

We all know the history of Motorola and if it is not, you should review our article that reviews it. The company that started it all with the launch of the world’s first mobile phone, the Motorola DynaTAC in 1983, was founded in 1928 in the city of Chicago by Paul V. Galvin and his brother Joseph, although it was not until 1947 when it adopted the name of Motorola.

In their beginnings they were dedicated to battery eliminators. Devices that allowed household battery-powered radios to operate on ordinary household electrical current. Curious truth?

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Sony: as a good Japanese company, rice could not be missing

Sony Xperia 5 rear

Although Sony’s mobile division is not currently experiencing its best moments, we cannot deny that the Japanese company is one of the most important in the world. Although we all know Sony for its consoles, televisions, phones and many other products – do you remember the Walkman? their beginnings have nothing to do with what they do today.

At a time marked by World War II and its postwar period, the company was dedicated to the creation and repair of radios. Now, the first invention of the founder of Sony, Masaru Ibuka, it was a rice cooker, which by the way was not successful at all. That is why we understand that they did not dedicate themselves to creating similar inventions …

Andy Rubin: no, it’s not a brand but …

Andy Rubin and Android image

Finally we are going to talk about Andy Rubin. No, we already know that we are not facing any brand but that this is the man who created the Android operating system. In a beginning, Rubin’s idea was to create an operating system for cameras however this initial idea was discarded. By cons, Andy decided to present Samsung with the idea of ​​an operating system for mobile phones. At that meeting, the South Koreans made fun of him, got up from the table and insinuated that he was drugged.

What happened next we all know. A year after that meeting, Google buys Android and later makes it the most used operating system in the world. A round business.

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