How developers manipulate scores on the Play Store

In the Google Play Store, false scores are becoming fashionable, a multitude of bot accounts that distort the comments of the apps and give them much more marks than they really deserve.

We have always said that you have to be very careful when downloading applications on your Android device since even tools as “harmless” as a flashlight can contain malware. Hence the importance of not only downloading apps from the Google store itself. but also to check the permissions, the developer and take a look at the comments and the app’s score.

Now, the law made the trap. Because manipulating the score of an app in the Play Store is much easier than one can imagine. Developers who, to generate a climate of consumer confidence, use traps to falsify comments and scores –something similar to false reviews from Amazon– and who question Google’s ability to have a safe and truthful platform.

This is how the score of the applications in the Play Store is manipulated

false reviews

The Play Store is being invaded by apps with manipulated comments

As Android Police reports, this practice is much more common than it seems. Take the example of IGPSPORT, a sports application that overnight began to get really high scores until obtaining a rating of 4.7 stars out of 5. Observing the comments we realize that users who have made them have strange and random names which honestly points to bots.

This is just one example of what abounds in the Play Store. It is nothing new, it is done on social networks and it is done on the Play Store. A developer buys a number of bots to add great comments and scores. Of course the app does not have to be problematic or have malware, the only thing the developer wants is for the good score to appear so that the user believes that the app works perfectly even if it is not.

The worst thing of all is that not only in this way the user is deceived, but the ability of Google is questioned. If the Play Store already had problems with malware, the fact that many of its apps have manipulated scores does not make it good publicity. It also seems that despite the years that have passed and the evolution of the Google store, it seems that the Mountain View company it has no tools to detect and therefore eliminate this type of false comments. Now before downloading an app, in addition to checking the permissions, you will have to see if the score you have is legitimate or not.

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