How do I disable Narrator on Windows 10?

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How to turn off the narrator on Windows 10 b
Although the Windows 10 narrator is a handy tool for many, there are still many people who don’t appreciate this feature and want it to be disabled. The only problem is that they don’t know how to do it.

If you are among them and are constantly irritated by its presence, you must do so to stop it.

How to disable Narrator on Windows 10

Turning off your Windows 10 narrator is not a difficult task and only requires a few operations that include the following:

  1. First you have to press the button Windows logo + Ctrl + Enter on your keyboard.
  2. Then choose in the newly opened window “Turn narrator off” This is in the lower right corner of the window

    How to turn off the narrator on Windows 10 a

    And that’s it. Your narrator should now be off.

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