How do I install Chains and Sinister Six Kodi Addon in 2020?

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Hi everyone, today I come up with a promising Kodi addon that offers more than just movies and TV shows. If you need a reliable all-in-one add-on then you should do that install Chains and Sinister Six Kodi add-on. Most geeks call it one Real-Debrid only add but the fact is, The Chain and Sinister Six add-on also lets you stream non-Debrid media content. It has a large category with this name and it works well.

About Chains and Sinister Six Kodi Addon

You can install Chains and Sinister Six Kodi add-on of the Team Crew Repo. This add-on gives you access to 4K media through a Real-Debrid account and it also links Trakt. But if you don’t need these premium services, you can just stick to the non-Debrid content – it’s still worth the installation.

Other than TV shows and movies, you can use this add-on to watch WWE PPV and major events, including the recent major RAW and SmackDow events that you might otherwise find only through add-ons such as Fight Club. You can also watch documentaries, music and cartoons and more in this add-on.

Benefits of Chains and Sinister Six Kodi Addon

  • Compatible with Trakt and Real-Debrid
  • Has exclusive content without Debrid for users without a premium account
  • All-in-one media including documentaries, music and WWE shows

Disadvantages of Chains and Sinister Six Kodi Addon

  • Good quality streaming links are usually limited to the premium accounts (Real-Debrid and Trakt)
  • Third-party add-on (you must use a VPN for secure and anonymous streaming)

How to install Chains and Sinister Six Kodi Addon

In addition to the different steps of the installation process, it is important to emphasize the importance of the security concerns when dealing with third party Kodi add-ons.

Stay safe

Safe streaming is very important especially when you are talking about community addons for an open source streaming app. Kodi, Plex and Stremio are popular streaming apps today, however the user is responsible for copyright violations. But you don’t have to worry as long as you have a reliable VPN service on the device.

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The recommended VPN

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Steps to Install Chains and Sinister Six Kodi Addon

Like most Kodi addons, you can install Chains and Sinister Six add-on in minutes. First, as usual, go through the download settings so that the device can install the Team Crew Repository zip file.

Allow unknown sources

This step only needs to be done once. If you haven’t previously downloaded Kodi from unknown sources, now is the time:

  1. Run Kodi and access Settings
  2. Please select System and then hold the cursor add-ons option on the left panel of the screen
  3. Now turn ON the button you see next download from unknown sources (the option is in the right panel of the system screen)Activate unknown sources in Kodi settings before installing the Chains and Sinister Six Addon
  4. Press OK and return to Settings

Installing The Crew repository on Kodi

  1. First of all, turn on your VPN. This is required avoid your ISP to block the repo and add-on
  2. Go to File manager
  3. Please select Add source
  4. Double-click and copy the URL to the Team Crew repository –
  5. Now you need to type the name of the media source, e.g. Team crew> Touch OK and go back to Settings
  6. Select the package installer (add-ons) on the settings screen> Click Install from zip file and then select the zip file> wait for the successful installation message.

Install Chains and Sinister Six Addon in Kodi

  1. Click without returning Install from the repository
  2. Select media source name (Team Crew)> click on video add-ons and then select Chain and Sinister Six from the list of add-ons
  3. Please select to install and press OK
  4. After installation Chains and Sinister Six Kodi addon, go to home screen and launch the addon from video addons


Once you install Chains and Sinister Six Kodi addon, you get access to an extensive media library that goes beyond movies and TV shows. Linking the add-on to a Trakt or Real-Debrid account gives you access to 4K videos. Since this is a community add-on, don’t forget to run the VPN for privacy and safe streaming.

Have nice quality streams!

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