How it is done and advantages

One of the keys to Instagram success is the interaction: we continually see photographs or videos of others, we comment or like to show that we liked something. In that case, we can post comments on instagram to review some reflection, something that a follower wants to highlight and that we believe is important.

On Instagram, beyond photos on the beach or on vacation, you are looking for encourage debate. For this reason, there are comments that will contribute data of interest to what you have put and that help other followers or users to read more about that topic. In that case, fixing them is the most useful and most recommended. Also, it will only take a few seconds and it is a function that you may not know exists.

What is it for?

Instagram allows to post comments if we want that they see each other before the others. It doesn’t make much sense if you have few followers or no one tells you, but it is a really interesting function in case you have hundreds of followers and want to highlight a message over others, either by what it says or by the person who says it. The posted comments will appear first so they will always be in view and will not be hidden by others if there are too many.

Another advantage of posting comments is that we can use it to continue our own conversation or reflection when we do not fit in the caption. The Instagram caption has a limited number of characters and it’s usually weird that we fill them all up. But if it happens, you can follow the text in comments and you have surely seen an influencer who does. In that case, you can follow the text in your own comments and set them in the order you want so that it can be easily read without others interfering with each other.

Post Comments

It will only take a few seconds to do it and the steps are simple:

  • Go to the photo you want in which the comment is
  • Tap on the comment you want to fix
  • You will see options appear at the top: a pin, an I and a trash can
  • Tap on the pushpin to post the comment
  • A message will appear informing you what it is about
  • Confirm with “Set comment”

Post comments on instagram

You can set up to three comments at the top so that they are seen more than the others. The other person will know that you have set it and will receive a notification when you do. This will not be an irreparable change in the publication and you can undo it whenever you want or re-post other comments. One of the things you should be clear about is that you can’t fix your own Nor those that are responses to comments made to you, but only original comments from other people. And, in total, as we say, you can set three comments in total, although you can change them as many times as you want if you regret it.

Unzip them

To undo the steps are the same as the previous ones:

  • Go to the publication in question
  • Find the posted comment
  • Tap on that comment
  • The three icons will appear at the top of the window
  • Tap on the thumbtack to remove
  • A popup will appear for you to confirm
  • Tap accept or confirm the action
  • The comment will be removed what did you have
  • It will “hide” again if they put more or there are too many

Defix comments

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