how many gigs do you consume from the data rate to watch TV

Currently, we have several options for watch DTT on your mobile. One of the most common is to use the IPTV that the operators offer us. We can also use the official apps offered by the channels, and finally we have the option of using platforms such as TDTChannels, which allow us to watch live channels from all over the world, not just Spanish DTT.

DTT with Movistar consumes about 687.6 MB every hour

The operators that broadcast by OTT on mobile use adaptive streaming, which means that the bandwidth is dynamically adjusted at all times to adjust to the situation of the network. Movistar offers, at most, a bitrate on mobile of 1528 Kbps, while in tablets it offers up to 2128 Kbps.

This figure is obtained by adding 1,400 Kbps of maximum video bitrate and 128 Kbps of sound bitrate. In total, we have a consumption of 191 KB / s, or 11.46 MB per minute. In one hour, we will consume 687.6 MB. On a tablet, the figure would be 957.6 MB.

TDTChannels: depends on the channel

TDTChannels allows you to view live DTT channels through IPTV and M3U links, such as La 1, La 2, Neox, Nova, Be Mad, etc. These channels are seen at the highest possible quality, and even better than on DTT, as is the case with Neox and Nova, which broadcast in SD on DTT but in HD on the Internet and on the television operators.

Therefore, the bitrate depends a lot on the channel, so we have carried out the test with three of them that represent the sample quite well. The first is The 1 HD, which has a bitrate of 800 KB / s pretty well optimized. This means that the consumption can be high, since we are going to 48 MB per minute and 2.8 GB for an hour.

In the case of an SD channel like 24 hours, consumption is 650 KB / s, also quite high, which leaves us 39 MB per minute and 2.34 GB in an hour. One of the highest we have it with Neox HD, where the HD channels of Antena 3 and the like consume up to 1.2 MB / s, or 72MB per minute, rising to 4.32GB in an hour.

Television applications: Atresmedia consumes almost the same as Movistar

Here we have chosen the application of Atresplayer for reference, where we can choose between 360p, 404p, 720p and 1080p, the latter being available only for Premium users. The bitrates we have observed are the following:

  • 360p: 160 KB / s (1280 Kbps); 9.6 MB per minute and 576 MB per hour
  • 404p: 180 KB / s (1440 Kbps); 10.8 MB per minute and 648 MB per hour
  • 720p: 256 KB / s (2040 Kbps); 15.36 MB per minute and 921.6 MB per hour

As we can see, the applications optimize the content much better than a website such as TDTChannels does, and they offer a bitrate similar to that offered by the operators’ televisions. In case you want to check how much you consume on your mobile, we recommend that you review the data usage statistics to avoid scares in your rate, since as soon as you consume one hour a day each month you will need at least 15 GB with apps like Atresplayer consuming one hour a day every month, and maybe up to 120 GB if you consume an hour a day from an HD channel with TDTChannels. If you are going to consume a lot of television, an unlimited data rate can come in handy.

The unlimited, the ideal rates to watch DTT on the mobile

Among the offers that best suit these needs, we can take advantage of a multitude of offers. For example, we can contract the 4 GB of Lowi for 6.95 euros per month, where they give away 60 GB during the summer. If what we are looking for is not to worry about the data, we can resort to rates such as Infinite Movistar Contract, with unlimited data for 24.95 euros per month. We also have Orange Go Up for 17.98 per month for the first 6 months, or Vodafone Unlimited Maxi for 21.99 euros with a 40% discount for one year.

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