How many iPhone components are made by Samsung?

How many iPhone components are made by Samsung?

The rivalry between Samsung and Apple has been manifest over time. So much so, that the two technology giants have seen each other’s faces in court on countless occasions. The struggles for patents have opened, several times, several Pandora’s boxes. Even so, and despite that, Samsung has continued to occupy a leading role in the manufacture of the famous iPhone, the star phone of the apple firm.

In fact, the Korean firm, which at the same time owns the Galaxy saga, regularly provides different components, both Apple and other manufacturers. Now it seems that for the manufacture of the next iPhone, both companies will unite on the same front.

And if rumors don’t lead us down the wrong path, it seems that Samsung and Apple are about to reach an agreement to sign the contract for a supply part that will be key. Thus, it is very likely that the next iPhone 12 will end up wearing, for the first time in its history, a Samsung lens in its camera system.

How many iPhone components are made by Samsung? one

Apple about to test Samsung lenses

What decision will you make? Cupertino’s will begin testing Samsung lenses shortly. We are talking about 6P lenses, which could not only be installed on the new iPhone 12, but could be integrated into many other future products. Especially if Apple ends up convinced that Samsung’s technology is the best it can choose for its products. And it wouldn’t be the first time.

If the agreement takes effect and Apple ends up saying yes to Samsung, The first lenses will be provided by the Korean from the end of the year. In fact, it seems that Apple does not have so many doubts regarding the quality of the material provided by Samsung, but rather the ability to adapt it to its most immediate needs. That is, they can be integrated within the terms that the firm needs to take the devices to the commercial network.

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But how many parts does Samsung provide to Apple?

The answer is not a few, only. The thing is that the components that Samsung provides to Apple to manufacture its devices are the most important that a phone can have. OLED screens, for example. We all know that the Korean firm is the best at making OLED displays. And so Apple recognized it, opting for the technology of its strongest rival for the iPhone X, one of the great phones of the house.

But this is not the only component of Samsung that we can find hidden in an iPhone, no. Samsung has also been taking responsibility for the manufacture of flash memory chips for the Apple device and the truth is that it is very profitable. For every iPhone that is sold, Samsung earns about $ 100.

And although Apple has taken over the design of its own processors (with all the complexity that entails), then Samsung has been in charge of manufacturing them. In fact, in semiconductor manufacturing Samsung is one of the world’s leading companies. Because it does not only make them for mobile phones or tablets. It also does it for computers, televisions, photo and video cameras and even white goods.

In addition, and despite the quarrels, Samsung has been for all these years Apple’s favorite manufacturer. For many years has chosen this firm to manufacture the processors and only once did he try TSMC, another competition giant. The result? The collaboration lasted a year. In the next generation of iPhone, Apple returned to the mother Samsung to continue counting on its processors.

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