How moving wallpapers affect mobile


Personalize them on mobile phones and especially on Android is something very important for users, which has led us to know the moving wallpapers. This resource that behaves as a way to personalize our mobile phone has been on smartphones for several years, although its effects on our mobile phone can make us rethink using it.

In recent times some companies like Xiaomi have presented their Super Wallpapers which try to give that touch of movement without as many adverse effects as the problems with moving funds. The decision is in the hands of each user but for you to have all the information we want to show you what it means to use this way of personalizing the mobile instead of the classic wallpapers.

Battery consumption the main affected

Just by using the moving wallpapers for a few hours we will be able to be aware that the battery is the main affected. Entering the battery section and then consumption we can see how our mobile has to deal with that extra. We will go from enjoying for example 5 hours of screen to only 4 hours, a change that can ruin the good autonomy of our smartphone.

mobile screen consumption

Many users try to increase the battery life with solutions that we really will not need if we had not used the wallpapers with movements. Sometimes it brings us account prioritize battery over design of the screen that we have on our mobile.

Performance issues? These wallpapers are to blame

The battery consumption is not the only thing that affects our mobile with the wallpapers, when we start using these wallpapers we will notice a lower performance without the need for tools. The moving funds consume RAM continuously and this affects that our mobile has to close more processes and continuously make a greater effort on all internal hardware.

ram android

Both animations, response times or file downloads are affected when we use live wallpapers. These performance reflections may also depend on the type of fund we use, but to a greater or lesser extent they will have notable effects.

Brands remove their moving wallpapers

To counter this information, we have at our disposal the changes that Samsung and other mobile brands have made. Previously when accessing the wallpapers section of our mobile we had the possibility of using some of them on the move but due to the reasons we have given you they have been removed.

wallpaper motion

It is much more important for most users that their mobile has a good battery than that it has a design that moves. Performance must always be prioritized over personalization, which has led brands to allow these funds through external apps but not to facilitate it to avoid problems.

Written by Ruben De la Calle

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