How much does it cost to repair the screen of the Samsung Galaxy A40 and A41

samsung galaxy a40 a41 repair screen 2020

The Samsung Galaxy A40 was Samsung’s best-selling mobile in Spain last year, with more than 93,000 units sold in our country alone. The reason for this is very simple: its value for money has made it one of the best options on the market. Its low selling price also influences the repair price. For example, Samsung Galaxy A40 and A41 screen repair is much cheaper than a Samsung Galaxy S20 or S20 Ultra. In fact, the company itself has provided a roadmap with the repair price of the phone, as we will see below.

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This is how much it costs to change the screen of the Samsung Galaxy A40 and A41

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If we use an official Samsung certified repair center, the repair price is 90 euros for the Samsung Galaxy A40 and 115 for the Samsung Galaxy A41, both with VAT included. This price applies only to all those repairs that are carried out through the Samsung website, which we can access from the following link:

With the screen repair, the company includes a free battery replacement regardless of the condition of the component or the age of the phone. If we decide to use a company authorized by the company to repair the phone, the price starts from 95 euros for the Samsung Galaxy A40. Currently, the only store authorized by Samsung to carry out repairs with original and official components is Phone House. We can manage the repair by clicking on the following link:

It should be noted that the store does not include the replacement of the battery. If we want to include the replacement of this component in the repair we will have to pay another 55 euros. Unfortunately, the store has not provided the repair price for the Samsung Galaxy A41.

Alternatives to change the screen of the Samsung Galaxy A41 and A40

Another option if we do not want to resort to a repair center is to purchase the component separately to carry out the repair ourselves. The price of the Samsung Galaxy A40 screen in stores like eBay ranges between 70 and 75 euros. Most sellers claim that it is the original component, so we should not notice any difference from the serial component.

In the case of the Samsung Galaxy A41, the price is somewhat higher, as it has a slightly higher screen in dimensions and specifications. In some eBay stores, the price ranges between 80 and 90 euros. As with the screen of the Galaxy A40, most sellers assure that it is the original component, although it is not something that we can verify until the installation of the screen on the mobile phone.

From we recommend always resorting to an official repair center. In addition to including a limited warranty, the work is carried out by qualified professionals. To this we must add that the selling price of the component does not differ much from the repair price provided by Samsung itself, not to mention the free inclusion of battery replacement.

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